30 June 2013

Change of Scenery

Well I've decided to change my soapbox from a blog to a tumblr, so you can find me and what I'm up to by clicking here!

I am going to try my best to post pictures while Greg and I are in Europe on Tumblr (free wi-fi permitting), so if you are interested in keeping an eye on our adventures be sure to check in on it from time to time.

21 June 2013

Taking A Break

You might have noticed an extended lull in my blog posting, things have been busy and I just haven't been keen on posting things online.

I am going to take a little break and see if there is another, more suitable platform for what I'd like to share.

I will keep you posted.

17 June 2013

On the East River

On a stroll along the East River yesterday I spotted a cormorant hanging out on the dock. Take a close look:

04 June 2013

Getting to Gardening

Hopefully the last of the frost warnings will let us keep all of these growing plants outside.

I made a little shelf to keep some herbs on:

08 May 2013

Guiding Fun!

Props for tomorrow's Spark and Brownie Advancement Ceremony. I love an excuse to craft!

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