28 February 2012

New Tunes & Covers

The Shins are releasing their 4th album, Port of Morrow, next month. Their first single, Simple Song, is pretty catchy and has a Wes Anderson-esque feeling video.

In response to Jay-Z and Kanye West's Ni**as in Paris Yasiin Bey (formally known as Mos Def) created a wicked song: Ni**as in Poorest.  There a number of excellent lines in the song and it really makes the original seem like 4 minutes of unnecessary name dropping. Don't get me wrong, I really like the Watch the Throne album, but Mos Def puts the most recent single to shame:

(Heads up - there are swears in this song)

This popped up in my Twitter feed this morning from the CBC Radio 2 Morning show. It's Willy Nelson covering Coldplay's The Scientist:

23 February 2012

Second Guided Snowshoe Hike

Last Sunday I headed out with my new New Glasgow friends for an afternoon of snowshoeing. It was my second guided hike (through Hike Nova Scotia) and was as pleasant as the first. We did a little over a 5km loop that started pretty much in someone's backyard in the middle of nowhere, and ended back at the home of the folks who did the guiding for a wonderful bite to eat. People brought homemade bread, beans, cookies and the hosts made chili. I had no idea that food was in store but was pretty pumped when I found out.

The sun came and went throughout the hike

New friends!

A little darker on the cloud front, but the temperature was great

What's a hike without a dog!?

We started with no trail at all, by the time 22
snowshoers went through it was packed.

The last leg was through this open and windy field. It offered
a really lovely view though.

Where the loop made a loop, the sun came
out agin - yippee!

20 February 2012

MORE Joel Plaskett

He's somehow gotten even more awesome in my mind. This evening on twitter he posted a link to a new song about the Metro Transit strike. You can even get the song for free if you're keen.

Check out his website.

You'll also find there a video for his latest Scrappy Happiness track, Somewhere Else. The video is full of old-timey footage and an ostrich chariot race of some sort?

Past Week(end) Treats

I've been hoarding pictures of food, or at least I felt like that when I connected my camera tonight to upload the few pictures I thought I had.

Given that I have the pictures and I'm in the spirit of sharing here we go:

'clean the fridge out pizza' - everything went in!

The next morning, we had clean the fridge out (random veggies/cheese from the fridge with not a whole lot of planning) omelets, they were very similar to the pizza just with eggs instead of pizza dough - delicious!

Eggplant, feta and tapenade pizza. This one was planned.

Not a great picture, but the thing that looks like a pancake is
a corn cake and there is guacamole salsa on top and we had
SUPER garlic (roasted garlic) mashed potatoes and asparagus.
The corn cakes and garlic mashed potatoes were
Chef Michael Smith's recipes

Strawberry/cranberry/candied walnut/feta salad with fish
cakes and pineapple salsa

Our take on BBQ chicken wings and caesar salad. The chicken
recipe is from Chef Michael Smith

Caramel corn! Another of Chef Michael Smith's recipes

Since we've been using the Chef Michael Smith (every time I say Chef Michael Smith rather than Michael Smith I feel a bit ridiculous, so you can imagine how silly I feel by the end of this post). He's recipes are wonderful though, I've challenged us to try every recipe I can eat in the book since everything we've made so far has been great. The book I'm blabbing on about is Chef Michael Smith's Kitchen - 100 of my favourite easy recipes.

18 February 2012

Four Legged Friends

You might have noticed these awesome pictures of dogs taken underwater popping up on Facebook this week. Just in case you haven't seen these picture and you like dogs I thought I would share.

The photographer, Seth Casteel, has a website with other galleries of dogs, cats and people and their pets. But by far the best gallery is underwater dogs, who knew dogs looked so terrifying and sometimes hilarious underwater?

Screenshot: Littlefriendsphotos.com

16 February 2012

My Classroom!

While my classroom is technically just on loan until June, I'm doing my best to make it more me-ish. It's in a super old school, check out the super old hardwood:

I need to work on getting some sort of curtain tie-back

A view from my desk...see the heart garland in the left corner?

Homemade heart garland! 

What'a Valentine's Day without doily hearts?

14 February 2012

Valentines Day

If you have me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter you might already know that I'm a fan of Valentine's Day. I like pink, hearts, treats and love. I'm also a sucker for any sort of 'holiday' where I can make themed garland to hang out the place (I'll post pictures of that tomorrow).

I have a few others to add, but I thought I would post these pictures since today is actually Valentine's Day. After school today I volunteered to help set up for a charity event at Glasgow Square, my friend Cheryl was the lady in charge and despite her busyness she had a minute to pose for a hilarious photo - we were both wearing pink, it made sense.

Oh and the event was Valentine's Day themed (hence the hearts in the background) and that explains the heart shaped bowl we're holding, we're nerds.

We got a little silly, it was bound to happen


It's only taken a few months but Greg and I now have friends in New Glasgow, and its wonderful! This past weekend we celebrated one of our new friend's birthdays by heading out to Caribou Island and eating Thai food - we seemed to have lucked out in the similar interest department.

On Saturday evening/night it rained and rained in New Glasgow, over night the temperature dropped pretty quickly leaving everything coated in ice. Although it was a bit treacherous driving it made for beautiful ice covered trees!

Posing over a ice covered tree, bending under the weight


Ice-...tree things!

We went AROUND these stairs, they were a
bit to back-breaking for our liking

A view up the stairs from the beach

Lots of ice chunks made their way into the beach

Climbing over ice

It was REALLY windy on the beach, you can tell by my really
red cheeks

The park/picnic area at the top of the beach.

The Birthday Girl wanted to go out for Thai food, Greg and I were SUPER pumped to be invited since we have been really keen on trying this place out. So spending out first visit there with friends was a lovely perk.

Tak's Thai Kitchen is in Pictou and I learned that before it was a pretty large restaurant the owner, Tak, ran the show from a little hut on the waterfront. I'm glad she upgraded her digs.

DELICIOUS Panang Curry

New friends, lots of 'em!!
Photo: Erika...or rather the waiter via Erika!

11 February 2012

Before & After (Mostly After)

I've learned that the combination of Librarian and Teacher works out well professionally for Greg and I. So far I've helped him with programming and brainstorming for ways to engage students. He helps me with reference questions, resources for lesson plans, and most recently make an unused classroom full of books look more like a library.

I forgot to take a before picture, so you'll have to believe me when these bookshelves looked like the returns bin at the library - an unorganized mess of books that have been mauled over way too much.

There are two other bookshelves in the room plus a few spaces in my own classroom that we'll be revamping next weekend. I'll do my best to remember to take a before picture then!

I'll also be labeling the shelves and creating some sort of self-monitoring sign out system - hooray for being an organized literacy nerd!

New Glasgow's Greasy Spoon

This morning Greg and ventured out to explore our options for breakfast in New Glasgow. Most places were closed but we found Rita's Cozy Corner open and hilariously inviting with the most Valentine's Day decorations I've ever seen outside of an elementary classroom.

Each table had these 'centerpieces', if you notice the pink cards they are actually "buy 10 get one free fish and chips" punch cards. Rita must make some serious fish and chips:

I thought about asking Greg to pose for this picture (with the balloon looking like a thought bubble) but when I was lining up the picture it just seemed to work out - there were probably a dozen helium balloons throughout the pretty tiny restaurant:

It seems that decorating trees isn't limited to Christmas at Ritas, amazing:

Oh, and of course, the greasy spoon breakfast. My stomach is still mad that I ate it. I was surprised that the eggs weren't heart shaped:

New(ish) Tunes!

I'm kind of late on this post, but this week has been a bit busy so I haven't been on the online ball.

If you are a regular listener of CBC Radio you might be familiar with The Joel Plaskett Emergency's Rock 'n' Roll in Record Time, where the band creates, records, and releases a new song a week for 10 weeks.  If not, here's a video where Joel Plaskett explains the concept:

This weeks release North Star has been my favourite so far - it's been in my head since I first heard it.

But lets take a look back at the making of all 5 of the songs that have been put out, you'll also note the increasing craziness of Joel Plasket. These are GREAT videos! Oh heads up, there are some swears:

#1 You're Mine:

#2 Harbour Boys:

#3 Old Friends:

#4 Slow Dance:

#5 North Star:

Only half way through, that means 5 more awesome songs AND videos to go!

You can listen to all 5 of these songs and lots of other Joel Plaskett Emergency songs on his CBC Radio 3 site.

05 February 2012


Since yesterday was just a trial run for a much bigger hike today I'm posting two snowshoe entries in a weekend. Can you tell I'm excited that I got to snowshoe finally!?!

This hike might be our February hike as per our New Years Resolution. But we are hoping to get out the last weekend of the month.

As part of the Scotsburn Winter Carnival we signed up for a guided 8km snowshoe from Millsville to Scotsburn. It wasn't a loop but rather hiking in and out half of the group drove everyone to the trail head in Millsville and at the end were driven back to their cars - it worked out pretty well. Oh and one of the women who drove us to the trail head was 70 years old - for real. She kicked out butt and finished the hike before us and she was talking about an 18 hour hike she did before. That's not a length I have even thought about measuring hikes in. I was very impressed.

Walk, walk, walk ... wind turbine!

A closer view

We were on part of the Cape to Cape trail, I think we'll have to try out more of the trail system.

The Cape to Cape logo it pretty awesome

One of the trails we took

Hiking in a row...

leads to a nice and packed trail

Photo op!

A short stop at the top, you might be able to spot the smoke
from the Pictou Pulp Mill

Close to the end, crossing the bridge I snapped a
photo of yesterday!

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