31 March 2011


I couldn't wait until the weekend!

Here is a video from the Hip Hop Summit in Toronto. It's Maestro with k-os and Shad busting out a familiar song:

Maybe next year the Hop Hop Summit will be in Saint John?

26 March 2011

Earth Hour

Happy Earth Hour Day!

Make sure to turn your lights off and unplug from 8:30-9:30PM today.

Walking Around Saint John

Wandered down an alley one day:

Interesting finds

Pole Poster of the Day

This fantastic emerging artist from Newfoundland is visiting Saint John soon...here is his poster:

As you can gather from the poster his name is Donnie Dumphy. In case you haven't had the opportunity to hear his jams check it out:

He's doing Newfoundland proud that one!

Irving Nature Park

Last weekend Greg and I visited the Irving Nature Park for the first time.


Complete with child artwork!

A Black Capped Chickadee followed us around for a little while so I was able to get a few good photos of the little guy:

Black Capped Chicadee

Later on in the walk (on many different occasions!!) these little birds attacked me, but not Greg. Strange, strange...maybe they are camera shy? Except that first one of course.

There is a point on the walk where you can look out into the ocean, Greg spotted something bobbing in the water so upon closer inspection it was a seal!! Sadly you can't take photos through the viewer...I tried.

There are a number of trails in the park, they are named after different animals that live in the park:

Heron Trail

Deer Trail

Frog Trail

Seal Trail
We stopped at a beach and spotted birds trying to court each other - two males were showing off for the one female. Sadly they were too far away to take a photo.


What would an update be without food? Chances are it wouldn't be on this blog.

Being lactose intolerant has its downsides but thankfully there are ways around it.

For example, regular feta cheese, made from cows milk = undigestible

BUT! Feta cheese made from goats milk = digestible!

Breakfast omelet made with lots of veggies and feta cheese!

Another example, regular sour cream made with...cream = undigestible.

BUT! Soy based sour cream = digestible! And surprisingly yummy!


Fully loaded vegetable chili
- with sour cream, avacados and cilantro

It's like an entire new world of consumption has presented itself to me - huzah!

24 March 2011

Happy Birthday!

David Suzuki!


He turns 75 years young today and the CBC is celebrating it by having a special on his program The Nature of Things (which is 50 years young - amazing!). The show is on tonight so you know what I'll be busy doing!

You can check out the David Suzuki Foundation website and read all kinds of neat things and even send a happy birthday message his way!

Speaking of busy, that is what I have been. I started my second internship on March 14 and it seems my posts have stopped entirely with all of the busy I have been.

I have a new and hopefully reasonable goal. To have one post a week. I anticipate a weekend posting time but we'll see. Greg and I went to the Irving Nature Park (not an oxymoron) last weekend so I should really get my butt in gear and get those photos up. That will be a project for the weekend!

11 March 2011


Check out this beautiful and mesmerizing 5 minute film of an individuals trek across the Appalachian Trail - that's right 5 minutes. This dude (Kevin Gallagher) created a stop animation film covering the whole 2200 mile worth of trail in 5 minutes. The trek itself took him 6 months.

You just can't peel your eyes away from it:

Green Tunnel from Kevin Gallagher on Vimeo.

Hiking anyone?

08 March 2011

It's Pancake Day!

Also known as Shrove Tuesday but in my world much better known as Pancake Day!

I remember when I was in elementary school and we'd have assembly's for Pancake Day.  Kids from each class in each grade would race against each other. In the spirit of Pancake Day they would put on some type of get-up (a silly chef's hat and an apron) and run with a frying pan (containing a pancake) in their hand get to one end of the gym, flip their pancake and then run back to where they started from. The kid that got back first won but I'm not sure if they actually won anything other than bragging rights.

In honour of Pancake Day and because pancakes are delicious Greg and I made pancakes for dinner. Sadly I didn't take a photo of them, but they looked like the normal pancakes we make so I'm sure there is a photo of them somewhere on my blog.

What is special about this post is that I'm going to share our pancake recipe with you as they are the best pancakes ever (in my humble opinion).


2 C flour (preferably whole wheat)
2 eggs
1 whole can (1 1/2 - 2 cups) of coconut milk
75g butter (melted)
3 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 C flaxseed meal (optional)
1/2 C water (optional)

Mix all of the dry ingredients together and then mix in the wet ingredients one by one. Stir it all together and let the batter sit for 5-10 minutes. If the batter is too thick just add water bit by bit up to 1/2 C until it's more of a reasonable consistency.

Okay - I took a few minutes seconds to find a post with a picture of pancakes that we made. It took a lot of effort so hopefully you appreciate it. Those one have blueberries in them, something I didn't add to the recipe but really you can toss in whatever you'd like into pancakes - berries, chocolate, etc.

Food Food Food

Which is not a surprise from my blog but it's all I seemed to take photos of this past weekend in Halifax.

On the way to Nova Scotia we stopped in Sackville NB for supper...which turned out to be a gravy pile of gravy with bread and turkey in the mix. Both Greg and I were sold on this because of the side of coleslaw...yea that's a strange reason we know:

We will not be getting this mass of food on our next trip!

On Saturday night Greg and I (mostly Greg) made chicken curry, the photo isn't as focused as I'd like but it's a much better and colourful alternative to the brown blog from the previous night:

On Sunday night my folks made the biggest steaks ever, while it was on my plate I didn't eat nearly half of it. This wasn't due to a lack of yummyness but more of a lack of giant stomach to eat it all:

Last but not least on the way back to Saint John yesterday we stopped by the Bridge St. Cafe in Sackville for a much better meal than our previous Sackville stop-over. We visited this spot a number of times during Sappyfest last summer but it was just for coffee because the place was always packed. We had one of the soups of the day: curry squash soup!

Perhaps the next time I head to Halifax my photos will be varied!

04 March 2011


It's easy to find things to love when browsing craftgawker...

like these cookies - yea I know how are they cookies? Read about it!


and this dress, with more lovely pieces on the website:


or this chalkboard globe! There is even a tutorial - neat!


and this card purse!


and last but not least little paper stars with a link to a tutorial video:


Today marks the start of my March Break! I actually haven't had one of these since grade 12 since we had February break during undergrad - so it's a flashback-esque treat. Greg and I are going to Halifax this weekend so I'm sure I'll have some goodies or two to post about when we get back on Monday.


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