26 November 2010

Musical Confessions

Maybe it's a result of spending most of my time in Middle School these days, but I've been visiting YouTube to get my pop music fix more frequently these days.

This is what I've been digitally spinning, go ahead and judge your heart out:

I think cleaning my apartment has become MUCH MUCH more enjoyable with these tunes on, good o'l dance inspired cleaning!!

Thanks Pop Music!

22 November 2010

Analytical Update

Despite a lull in activity people still are visiting the o'l bloggity blog.

These are the numbers from October 22 - November 22:

I decided to go for a Top 10 this time just to spice it up.

It seems I'm working on cornering the Maritime market, just about there!

What the WHAT!

I knew this was happening, but I never could fathom just what the product would be.

Well here it is, The New Kids on The Block and The Backstreet Boys all mashed up into an amazing 5 minutes and 50 seconds:

My mind is blown from SO much choreography! And they gave themselves an acronym should out!!

So when they go on tour (which they are doing) do you think they'll sing ALL of their songs together as a giant mash-up?

Different Perspectives

National Geographic is always up to awesome things. This is a picture from one of their photo contest galleries.

Such a neat perspective of the Eiffel Tower:


Fa la la la la!

It seems as though winter stops by earlier in Fredericton than in Halifax.

It started snowing on Saturday around noon:

A few flakes

I stopped into this AMAZING little quilting shop, and came out to find this (more on the quilting shop to come):

It's starting to accumulate!

The kind of snow where flakes sneak their way into your nose

Take THAT fall!

I really didn't think that the snow would stay very long. But here we are on Monday where it just keeps coming down. It's been snowing since before lunch today:

I'm super pumped I'm prepared with the toughest boots ever! I picked them up a few weekends ago in Halifax. Watch out Fredericton!


International Treats

STU's International Society held a potluck and performance night last week. Sarah and I stopped by to soak it all up.

The food was super tasty, I wish there was more to go around!

BBQ chicken, grape leave, fried banana,
plantains, guacamole, I can't remember what's
front and centre, and miso soup in the cup.

Thumbs up and mouth full from Sarah!

20 November 2010

Next Project: The Kitchen

The kitchen will be a yellow-brown colour as well, good-bye wall paper and border!

This AMAZING kitchen!

This will be going, but Greg can soak it up in the meantime

Greg's New Digs

A painting project to turn Greg's lovely apartment into a more current spot. We started on the living room on this visit then it's the kitchen.

The first idea was to paint the room green...but that turned out to be a poor choice, you can see our adventures below...

A view from the door

The out of commission fireplace and amazing bookshelves

New to Greg couch and paint supplies

The first colour we tried...it looked less than stellar in real life

So it was back to Kent in search of a new colour, much better!

On the way to looking spiffy

11 foot ceilings, require two stages of painting

The fireplace wall with one coat of paint

So much sunnier!

We did a final coat but I forgot to take a photo, so the final project isn't quite as streaky.

Next project the kitchen!

Pole Poster of the Day

Found on Needham Street. Not quite a standard pole but it gets the job done:

Loud, Loud Shows

STU won a free Metric and Ok Go concert this past month. You had to vote online for your school and it seems despite it's population STU has a lot of people who vote in things! So we won for the Atlantic Region.

Because I voted I got tickets, and even thought it was on a school night I sucked it up and was a social human being - GASP!

Either I've gotten old and whiny or it was the loudest show of my life - my ears are actually still ringing!

This was the third time that I can remember that I've been to a Metric show and once again, it was a great. Even though I only know the Ok Go songs that have amazing videos they had a bunch of catchy tunes - that's right, I said tunes.

The opener was Keys N Krates. They reminded me of Girl Talk with DJ Lobsterdust, but they had a live drummer which was impressive. The did end on a sour note for me though, with a horrible punk-rendition of a Jay-Z song - it was awful.

But a free show is a free show, so I shouldn't be complaining - tisk tisk.

Keys N Krates
Ok Go playing these AMAZING bells
Ok Go Case
I stood back to appreciate Metric's stage presence

Way Back When

I went to Halifax, it was actually two weeks ago. But I've been a bad blogger so it's been longer in blog-time.

The weekend was spent mostly with my parents in a post-celebration of my birthday. This year was the first that I didn't see my mom on my actual birthday - big deal! It turns out the weekend before we end classes is very busy for a BEd student and Fredericton is just a wee bit too far away from Lower Sackville to make in a day-long road trip.

So hanging out with both of my parents for a weekend kind of made up for it.

I didn't take many photos which is strange but my mom and I did go to the Wooden Monkey on the Saturday afternoon for a late lunch. I miss that place:

My reaction to my mom's request: just act normal for a picture!!

Om Nom Nom! Lentil Burger!

16 November 2010

Remembrance Day

This was my first Remembrance Day in Fredericton, the ceremony took place at the Cenotaph downtown. As per New Brunswick, everything was said in both French and English but despite this the entire ceremony was shorter than any I've attended in Halifax. I'm not sure what the difference was but it was still a wonderful ceremony.

I was really impressed with the number of people singing, it was great! Maybe it's because of the large population of old Christian ladies in Fredericton who know the hymns?

07 November 2010

Sunday Night Tunes

Yes, I'm still talking about Ben Folds and Nick Hornby.

They have a video for their song From Above and it's WONDERFUL! The artwork really reminds me of Kurt Halsey, actually so does the whole feeling of the video - cute and morbid all at the same time.

Check it out:

02 November 2010

Sew Concludes Term One

I'm just so clever!

Today was the last day of classes for term one of three. I can't believe how fast time has gone - nuts!

Going full steam ahead for an entire term left me with quite a bit of momentum, so this evening with no homework or lesson plan prep I had time on my hands.

So I decided to brighten up my kitchen a little with a sewing project: triangle banner!

Ironed pieces, ready to go

Finished product - I think a bit more finishing MIGHT
be required, I'm going to feel it out for a few days.

Adding a bit of colour to the kitchen

AFTER I made the banner I searched to see how others created their banners - not the best order.

I came across a blog that has a tutorial for making banners. Next time I'll search then sew!

Happy All Souls Day!

Again, CBC has brought to my attention that today is another day to celebrate - music!

It is All Souls Day, so naturally:

Internet Clicking

After finishing all of my assignments for the term with several hours to spare (I don't know how that happened) I browsed the interwebs, GUILT FREE!

One of my favorite places to take a brain break is CraftGawker. There are so many wonderful works of art, craft and photography.

Yesterday I stumbled across a new site and I'm in lurve!

It's called Darling Dexter, by a very creative woman. So far I've scoped out:
  • cute clothing (some of which are handmade)
  • beautiful photos of life in general
  • links to similar blogs/sites for further browsing

 A sister site called Oh, Darling, run with her husband, who she called the hub:
  • both are wonderful photographers
  • they focus a lot on weddings
  • but there are other categories: lifestyle, music

I'm particularly taken with the simple layout and clean lines of both blogs.

What Happens in a BEd. Program...

doesn't necessarily stay there.

Some things are too awesome to be confined to a building.

Ending on a great note, a creative presentation busted out sweet jams about a certain respected gentleman: Paulo Freire.

This is the outcome:

Well done classmates, well done!

01 November 2010

Shows in Fredericton

Sarah Harmer stopped by on her most recent tour (promoting her new album) and a played lovely tunes at the Playhouse.

It was my first show at the Playhouse and it was a very different audience than I'm used to. Even when awesome things happened there was very little clapping, it was strange especially since lots of awesome things happened.

They have these crazy rules about NOT taking photos in the theatre (bummer) and with the usher sitting behind me the entire show I felt obligated to follow the rules.

The openers ( I forget their names, eeep!) were dressed up for Halloween: The Flash and Chas Tenenbaum and were AMAZING musicians!

Reminder 1 - The Flash

Reminder 2 - Chas Tenenbaum

I caved under my own pressure to get a photo for the o'l bloggity blog and this is what I got:

That's one blurry photo alright!
I'm not good at breaking rules it seems!

Ces't L'halloween!

Another year another fun-filled Halloween!

Nothing says Halloween like pumpkin carving, costume contests and and interactive Rocky Horror Picture Show with BEd'ers:

Costume Creation!

Sue Sylvester and Oscar!

Not For All Ears

Nothing like a SNL Digital Short to end a busy, busy term!

Thank you Rihanna and Mr. Samberg!

Heads up: Andy Samberg is inappropriate!

To Think About

I don't remember who pointed me towards this blog, but thank you whoever you are.

While browsing its lovely artwork I stumbled across a drawing that made me think a bit more than the others given my career path:

"Am I the only one seeing the irony here"


Happy All Saints Day!

CBC kindly reminded me this morning that November 1 is All Saints Day.

So naturally, I wanted to celebrate with what immediately came to mind:

Happy Halloween!

It's a day late, I'm horrible! I know!

I DID have a good Halloween weekend, but it was busy with school work so a longer post will have to wait.

That doesn't mean I don't have time to post a few Halloween inspired Muppet videos!!

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