24 February 2013

February Hike

Putting yesterday's  BEAUTIFUL weather to good use, Greg and I took a stroll at Caribou Provincial Park.

Much of the Northumberland Straight was frozen and we took advantage of it to hike further than our last attempt when the incoming tide forced us to turn around.

We started our hike by spotting an eagle, not something I'd expect to find around the beach:

Neat beach finds:

I found a large piece of driftwood, the obvious choices were to (left) be Gandalf and (right) use it as a staff, Donatello style:

Gandalf Source, Donatello Source

More beach finds, BOTH sides to this shell:

Looks like we are somewhere other than Pictou:

An awesome ice formation and another shell:

19 February 2013

Excellent Cover

Greg had a musical surprise for me last week, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been:

Mardi Gras, Pictou County Style

After being postponed a week due to weather we were finally able to celebrate Mardi Gras in Pictou County! It was held at The Palace, above the Stone Soup Cafe (who catered the event) and was a super fun time.

Greg was decked out in the finest mish mash of Frenchy's attire and I was a bit more modest just wearing lots of purple and a mask. While I didn't make the mask I'm wearing (below) I learned that having a mask on a stick is challenging and it's best to go with a mask on a string. Thankfully our friends came prepared with extra masks:

Snazzy friends (top), we made up a game: who can get three strings of beads on their bottle the quickest (bottom) - endless creativity at this table:

Headbanging in his grandmother's wig, really just showing how well it stays on. I was impressed:

There was a band, so there was lots of dancing, the food was amazing and we paraded around the room showing off our costumes. A colourful and very fun night!

18 February 2013

Temporary Classroom

For the last few weeks and at least a bit longer I've been filling in for a high school biology teacher, really a dream job. Here's a peak at "my" classroom:

Valentine's Day

While this Valentine wasn't from a student, but rather a Brownie (I'm a Brownie/Guide leader) it is still my first teacher oriented Valentine, hooray!

15 February 2013

Snow Weekend!

Last weekend was awesomely jam packed with snow! Greg and I cleared a bunch of snow from the driveway (adding to the large mound created by the plow) and of course had to play in it afterwards - it was great!

We also went for a snowshoe in Trenton Park, very similar to our last hike but this time it was with a big group of friends. This was lovely for the company and also for the large amount of people to take turns breaking the very, very heavy snow trail. I feel the "Calories" burned listed below is no where close to the actual amount, unfortunately the Garmin doesn't have a snowshoe function, so it just picked up walking on normal ground at a very slow pace:

A break was definitely needed, we all flopped in the snow and struggled to get up - good o'l snowshoes!

10 February 2013

Saturday Night Educational Fun!

Part of our snow stuck evening last night; expanding our vocabularies. Jen, who was also playing, is an absolute Scrabble pro...we quickly learned a lot. The second round was a much closer score, well close-ish:

Storm Day Snowshoe!

A good use of a snow day last Monday, snowshoeing in Trenton Park. We followed a trail made by two people for a little while then made our own path in the pretty deep, fluffy snow:

06 February 2013

Mardi Gras Preparations

This evening I had a few lovely friends over and we created colourful masks for a Mardi Gras party we're going to this weekend.

Beautiful things came from such humble (and boring) beginnings:

I have a feeling they will look even better on - stay posted!

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