29 July 2010

Pole Poster of the Day

I spied this on my walk home from work yesterday on Windsor Street:

I didn't venture to follow the sign given my disinterest in hipster clothing, I did think that the sign was pretty hilarious.

It was particularly challenging to take this picture since I was eating a very melty popsicle at the same time.  I got it on my hands, my back pack, pretty much everywhere. I looked like a child and it was great!

26 July 2010

Cupboard Overhaul, Part 2

Continuing with my new found love of mason jars I picked up another dozen! This time they were 250mL to sort out the state that my spice cupboard contained. Again, I forgot to take a photo (stupid memory) so you just get the after product (lucky!)

Oh how I love labels:

So much tidier and less plastic covered - hooray!

25 July 2010

14 Year Old CD Collection (At Least)

Again, in preparation for moving soon I decided to reduce the size of my CD collection. I don't even really listen to CD's anymore, it's iTunes, the radio or Grooveshark for me. But it just doesn't make sense to toss CDs so I've just tossed their cases.

While sorting CD's into the MONSER CD wallet I picked up I noticed just how random and dated my collection is. There was no particular order that I put my CD's into the big case so it made for some pretty lame funny combinations:

Avril Lavigne, Rage Against the Machine, Silverchair, Green Day:

Holly MacNarland, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Bush, The Deftones (I don't even remember liking this band?):

There were many more embarassing combinations but I will leave it at that.

Sunday Night Project

After being inspired by a friend's neat and tidy jar collection and thinking ahead to my move at the end of August I decided to take a stab at it:

I bought a dozen (they came in a box) 1L mason jars to store all of the things that I had thrown onto a 'baking goods' shelf. It was mostly just a bunch of bulk barn bags and half full other bags. So I sorted them into these much tider containers (I should have taken a before photo, whoops!):

They came with little labels for all of your canning labeling needs, huzzah:

Halifax Pride Parade - Photo Journal

Fantastic weather and a lot of colour makes for both a happy pride and a happy Saturday! Here are some highlights!

I'm not too sure how many peacocks this took, but I was mega-impressed!

22 July 2010

Peggy's Cove

After wanting to take a little trip to Peggy's Cove for the past little while now Greg and I finally made it, yesterday evening!

Little yellow house on the hill:

Halifax Pride Week Is Upon Us

I thought it started this weekend, but it seems it ends this weekend. I'm slightly in the dark.

Regardless, my favorite part of the week is the parade, and thankfully I haven't missed it!

The most exciting parade Halifax has is marching through the streets this Saturday from 1-3PM. Hooray! This year Greg and I won't be itching to both see the parade AND take off for weekend camping. So I have a feeling I will be able to enjoy it more.

Although - last year I DID get candy from Peter Kelly...so how can you really top that?

This image is from last year, but I really like it. Nuts to being current with design!

Well This Is Interesting

Ridley Scott has an interesting "Historic Cinematic Experiment" called Life In A Day. And boy, do I like experiments!

Check out the Life In A Day youtube channel for information - and a nifty little 'ad'.

Avatar Cartoon Sequel!

Thanks Mark for sending me an email with this ever so exciting nerd-news!

Nickelodeon is making a cartoon sequel to the Avatar, the Last Air Bender series (not to be confused with the horrible movie that M. Night Shyamalan crapped out earlier this month).

Check this out if you want to find out more!

I'm SUPER pumped!

21 July 2010

Arcade Fire Teaser

Arcade Fire are playing Madison Square Garden next month - can you believe that they played at the Marquee way back when? I'm still kicking myself for not bailing on studying to go see their show. That was one epic Pop Explosion.

Pitchfork has linked up a few Arcade Fire related news items. If you click here you can see the ad for the live streaming of their MSG show (on YouTube!)

And 107.7 The End is streaming "snippets" of their new album. Such teasers those Arcade Fire-ers!

20 July 2010

New Kicks

I finally threw in the towel on my running sneakers - and only a few months over due.
Check out that wearing on the treads. Shoes, you served me well:

Check out these brand spankin' new sneakers! The colour is not just blue, but it's called island blue. Fancy, I know:

I also learned that you should replace your shoes every 800km or so. Thank you Running Room for setting me up with sneakers that are meant for ME!

Remember Robyn?

This is a song from her new album. It's a far cry from her 90's hit Show Me Love. It's like she's gone back in time and tapped into her 80's-ness and hung out with Kylie Minogue while writing it.

Regardless, I like this new tune -  you should too.

Hey Ocean - Just Wonderful

I was looking for tunes to get me through this afternoon (this day just keeps going and going!) and I stumbled upon this video by Hey Ocean. I was fortunate enough to see them last year (or maybe it was early this year?) and they are an amazing band!

This is a great song with a cute video:


National Geographic never stops amazing me with their photos:

Oh My

It's been awhile, too long. Much, much too long.

But I've updated a bit, I feel like more things have happened since a million years ago when I last posted. But this is all I have. Hopefully you will continue to visit despite my dry spells.

Hey Rosetta is on Friday - photos?

Best Truck Ever?

Greg spied this in the parking lot of Michaels/Old Navy in Bayers Lake:

"Hang in there baby, Friday's coming"

There is a roaring bear on the brake light - IS THAT POSSIBLE?!

De La Soul - Follow Up!

As promised. Here are so very poor quality photos of De La Soul:

It was an AWESOME set even if they only had 2 of 3 members.

Ali Shaheed Muhammad played as well, it was the first I heard of him but he was great:


Nature Taking Over

I spied this at the Coburg Coffee House this week:

It's a little too full of shadows, but it looked too pretty to not take a photo of.

Camping at Keji - Photo Journal

Pee break, at the most bizarre little side-of-the-road store:

It was very windy here:

There was this sweet electric car at the check-in kiosk: 

Tent is set up, success!

Once we were settled in we hiked off to rent canoes, such a beautiful walk:

We found them:

We crossed this crazy buoy held up bridge to get to the canoe rental place. This was the view from it:

Bry is very excited:

Greg & I paddling along, I got a little better at steering as the afternoon went along:

Bryan & George!

Canoe friends:

We stopped at a little island for an out of focus photo (I totally stole Greg's thunder):



Nerds :)

After our paddle we stopped at this AWESOME beach (the waters you see is actually where we paddled - and beyond). It was SO warm!

Dinner, yum! Spaghetti and home made sauce:

It was super messy:

We went to Mill Falls on Sunday:

At the top the water looked very silky:


Posing at the falls:

We stopped at Mahone Bay on the way home:

Interesting gallery sign:

With a very inviting door man:

There was a flea market on the go, there was a lot of random things, but I like these plates:

Mahone Bay's Peace Garden - I think more garden is needed:

Pretty flowers on the streets of Mahone Bay:

Mahone Bay has this Midevil type store, so of course there is a Sword In A Stone:

Last but not least: what better way to sell pizza - using Zeus and his wonderful lightning bolts:

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