30 March 2013

Moncton Airport Art

A few weeks ago I was in the Moncton Airport and was greeted by this awesome piece of art. I believe it was called "The Cleaner" and it has Mi'kmaq roots.

29 March 2013

Joel Plaskett

Last night the Joel Plaskett Emergency played a lovely (as per usual) set at the Olympic Hall. We were pretty far back in the crowd but it sounded great - the view was less than awesome but that didn't stop the amount of singing along and dancing that I did.

Judging by this picture it really doesn't look like anyone is on stage, but I promise there were!

22 March 2013

Musical Fun!

I'm participating in the musical Sweet Charity, but on by the Pictou Rotary Club. To my surprise and delight a song from the musical was featured in the latest episode of Bunheads (yes, another of my tv guilty pleasures).

If our version there might not be AS much leg, but this catchy tune is featured not once, but TWICE!

14 March 2013

Bunny Tracks

I spied bunny tracks on a hike a few weeks ago, this is apparently a well traveled path:

09 March 2013


It must have slipped my mind to actually post these pictures, I had them all ready the day after we celebrated Erika's birthday...but I must have been preoccupied.

A few weekend ago we surprised a friend on her birthday, it turns out however that those in attendance were not so skilled at throwing surprise parties. So it was a bit of an awkward SURPRISE initially, but it all worked out. There were party hats and noise makers involved, so of course it worked out!

Baily, the dog, was holding the birthday balloon...unbeknown to her:

Greg and I coloured matched, by accident of course:

08 March 2013


Another Halifax find, a rather lack luster welcome to Scotia Square - I'm not sure if a walk past a port a pottie and a container/garbage bin is the best way to get people into the mall:

07 March 2013

Halifax Finds

Last weekend Greg and I went to Halifax to watch the AUS Men's 6 Basketball final. While I'm not always clear on the rules of basketball I learned a lot and watched some excellent athletes.

On the way to the Metro Centre one evening I stumbled across this:

I hope this person has been reunited with their most favoritest jacket!

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