30 July 2011


A few craftgawker finds:


I actually follow this blog in my reader so it was exciting to see it in craftgawker as well, there's a DIY tutorial to show you how to make them. I'm planning on attempting to make one when I am reunited with my crafting gear!


Nain Update: A Walk Around Town

On our day off we decided to take a wander around town. We were warned about higher than normal amount of bears in the area so we stayed clear of any potential bear areas...which is most places.

Sporting my new Nain purchase - a Torngat Mountains National Park longsleeve. Now if people weren't 100% sure I was a tourist they do now:

Nain Update: Dogs, EVERYWHERE!

You can't really go outside in Nain without seeing at least one awesome dog. So I've done my best to take photos of the awesome dogs we've met.

There was a puppy in a kids sized plastic wheelbarrow yesterday being pushed by a small girl and I didn't have my camera to take a picture of the cuteness. So just think for a minute of how cute that would be!

We called this dog Mr. Wigglebum

28 July 2011

Nain Update: We're on a Boat

Well, almost that cool. Brennen and I were invited out by our camp contact to boat up the Labrador coast to check some fish nets.

SO many more pictures after the jump...

Nain Update: Camp = Messy

When we first arrived and unpacked our bins we were treated with a lovely little explosion...of plaster of paris - wahoo!

Brennen suffered the worst of it:

Most of our things with a helping of plaster of paris, nothing says camp like a mess of a white powder. It's usually cornstarch though.

Thankfully the hotel has a vacuum which I hunted down, phew:

27 July 2011

Arriving In Nain

After a pretty bumpy flight, with spectacular views we made it to Nain.

The landing strip is pretty short so it's kind of terrifying the first time you land. Thankfully there is beautiful scenery to distract you as you touch down:

The baggage is kept in the nose and the back of the plane, I was really impressed with how much stuff could fit into the nose:

I was even MORE impressed that all of our baggage and bins made it to Nain. When we were checking in at the Goose Bay airport we had to indicate which pieces were not essential and we might get them the next day or in the following days. Thankfully we had all of our stuff...which is a lot:

We went out on a boat up the coast last night, I'll post those pictures tomorrow evening. Hopefully you sit tight until then.

Until tomorrow, I'll leave you with two photos I'm pretty happy with so far:

A fledgling on a rock, on an island up the coast

The Nain harbour

Hidden Gems of Goose Bay

Brennen and I took a lengthy walk to Tim Hortons for breakfast on Sunday. Here are a few hidden gems in the lovely town of Goose Bay:

We actually bought Uncle Ern's bread today in Nain!
Yay for buying 'local'!

Mother Wood Hardare? Mother Wood ACE Hardware?

23 July 2011

Labrador Adventure Starts!

Today I headed to Labrador where I will be spending the next three weeks delivering summer camps - YAY!

A view from the airport, check out those clouds!

Delicious, and overly elaborate drinks were had with dinner. Thank you Jungle Jims!

Our toilet was sealed for freshness, really! It had this paper seal to show us that it was clean? I'm not sure why we wouldn't just believe that we would be given a clean toilet to begin with, but I suppose it's a good piece of mind?

Check out the view from our hotel window:

Many, many, many more adventures to come!!

Short Halifax Visit

Between wrapping up in New Brunswick and heading to Labrador I spent less than 24 hours in Halifax/Sackville.

It was pretty great timing that Terry was home, and even more so was that he had his GIANT helmet with him. I took advantage of the opportunity:

The visor comes up but it looks way more tough with the visor down. Also, here's Terry!

Terry and I had lunch at Himachi House (as per tradition) and between lunch and meeting at the SuperNOVA office I had some time to kill. Thankfully the Pride Parade was in full swing and I had some banking to do on Spring Garden. That meant running into some friends!

Who thankfully took a picture of me and my load of gear:

I heard on the radio that 75,000 people were expected to attend the parade, I was impressed that I still managed to find a few people I know.

Miramichi, Working

After Vacation Phase Three I spent the next week in Miramichi as well. Myself and these two lovely people delivered a camp outside of Miramichi. We celebrated the end of the camp week with a visit to Relish for gourmet eats:

One day after camp the clouds were pretty ominous looking as they rolled over the community:

Kids brought their dogs to camp, this was a puppy....eeeeEEE! It attacked myself and everything else in its way with adorable doggie kisses:

Each camp day there was a theme, this day was Wilderness Wednesday, I did my best to play the part. What do you think?

Not too sure what this sign on the door meant but it looked pretty interesting in Newcastle...

Eel Ground Pow Wow

Before heading off to run a week of camp my week-long co-workers and I checked out the Eel Ground Pow Wow.

The only other Pow Wow I have been to is the Membertou 400 last summer on the Halifax Commons. This was a much smaller scale of celebrations but it was still full of beautiful clothing and dances:

There were flags from each of the Atlantic Provinces as well as the Canadian flag. I was sitting right in front of the gentleman with the Newfoundland flag so of course I took a photo:

What's a celebration (or a blog post) without food. Fry bread was for sale and you could get it with a number of things on it: taco fixin's, fruit, whip cream, molasses, sugar and more.

Matt when for the fruit and whip cream option, which turned out in true Chamberlain style to be very messy:

And I opted for a bit of molasses and brown sugar, SUPER YUMMY but pretty heavy feeling in my tummy:

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