30 June 2010

Danny Michel

This is a great week - first The Queen and now Danny Michel!

He played last night at The Company House to an intimate crowd of maybe 100 (I'm horrible at estimating). There was no opening act, and Danny Michel dove into a solo set in a timely fashion.

I was particularly impressed with his loop pedals. He took a minute to explain just what he was doing due to an accusation at a previous show - someone thought he was faking his playing. Oh technology, confusing people all of the time.

The show was great, he played a number of songs off of his new album (out tomorrow), super old songs that the crowd had to remind him of a lyric or two and covered Peter Gabriel's Game Without Frontiers - with a crowd whistle-a-long. Awesome!

I took a few videos, but I just need to figure out how to get them on here. In the meantime you can enjoy this fancy photo - yes, I'm a nerd (thanks for taking the photo Greg!):

But Of Course - The Queen!

I think a heading on a cbc article, followed by a comment said it best:

"Queen to kick off tour in Halifax"

The comment went something along the lines of:

"It would be better if Freddy Mercury was alive"

Now while I agree that seeing Queen, the epic rock band would be much more entertaining than The Queen of England Canada, I was still very excited to catch a glimpse.

After missing her short speech (but hearing if on trusty o'l CBC) I was excited when I saw a number of police cars and motorcycles with lights on outside the window of our office. Now while most people would worry about that sort of thing, I realized that the Lieutenant Governor's house is pretty much across the street from the office. 

So Mara and I took off down the street and this is what we saw:

The Queen was unveiling a new sign (to her left) and on her right was Nova Scotia's Lieutenant Governor, Mayann Francis and Nova Scotia's Premier, Darrell Dexter:

This was the swarm of security around the house. There were also people on rooftops of the buildings that surround the house, she's one safe lady:

So after about 3 exciting minutes we got a bit board since there was no mic to hear what was being said and we went back to work. It was a good Monday.

27 June 2010

Weekend Photo Update

Because what's a weekend without photographs?

A slightly fuzzy snap Greg snagged while I drove around the Common. The Tipi's had lights on them that changed colour, very pretty:

Not too sure what this was. It was attached to a power line pole at Harvard and Allen:

What a fine business ad, but poor phone number placement. At first glance I thought numbers were missing. No? Maybe that's just me:

Backyard flowers at Greg's house:

Breakfast at Stayners wharf in preparation for ship viewing, it seems they like Hollandaise sauce on pretty much everything (they also have a donair breakfast, only in Halifax):

Lady bug, just hanging out on the waterfront boardwalk:

We wandered towards this ship to get a closer look. You can actually get on this one and check it out super up close, however...:

At the end of a very long line up we were greeted by this sign. We waited 30 minutes and were then told that it would take at least 2.5 hours and we MIGHT get on the boat. Those odds were not favourable:

Boardwalk finds (note to self, find out what Cornish Pasties are):

More finds, this time much tougher. His hat says "Touch me and I'll kick your ass". Inviting right? :

Taking a minute for a scratch, or maybe a clean:

Slightly smaller boats. No fighter jets will be landing here:

Oh how nature perseveres; grass growing out of the possible remains of an old dock in the Halifax Harbour:

26 June 2010

Music Confessional

I'm a sucker for a hook by a female in a rap song. Case in point, Lucifer (Jay-Z), Diamonds Are Forever (Kanye West), Sunshine (Mos Def), Rose Garden (Shad).
I could probably go on, but I'll keep it short.

While running errands this week for work I had the fortune to listen to the wonderful radio stations that Halifax has to offer. This resulted in too much Ke$ha (seriously, what's with the $ as an s?),  Katy Perry and Black Eyed Peas. The upside is that the radio also introduced me to:

Airplanes by B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams and Eminem

I'm not sure who this B.o.B guy is, but Hayley Williams is from Paramore, who I only associate with the boring, never ending, over-hyped saga known as Twillight since they had a song on one of the soundtracks. It was a terrible song so I quickly dismissed them. However she's great for singing this hook!

And then there's Eminem. The ever-angry rapper is back and despite the never-changing content of his songs I really enjoy his style.

All in all, I like it.

Side of the Road Find

This was spied walking up Allen Street. Now if I only needed a large, questionably functioning record player:

Then this would be perfect! :

There are even super dusty Christmas lights on the inside front panel. Apparently these fancy lights will flash according to the beat of whatever record is playing. I am impressed if this is true:

Pole Poster of the Day

Check out those pipes!

Reflections here I come!

Saturday Morning Halifax

Since my plans of going to Fredericton today to check out potential apartments were crushed (both apartments I was going to look at were taken by yesterday evening!) I decided to spend the later part of the morning and early afternoon to bike around the city, check out a library book, do some banking and hang out at the Wired Monk for awhile.

Really, that's much better than driving in a car for a whole day, even if I don't have an apartment...right?

As usual I was armed with my camera.

I found more chalk art, this time in front of the Spring Garden Library. It had started to rain so it's a bit it's a bit flecked (but still pretty!):

I also found this sign on the lawn of the library, doesn't it seem a bit strange since it's a public space? But maybe I'm just not clear what loitering means. Does it mean reading your book under the nice big trees on the lawn? :

A very nice entrance way to a home on Hollis Street, I really like the stone/bricks on the ground:

One of the most fantastic pieces of wall art in the city. Next to the Wired Monk, on Hollis. I can't remember what's in this building, whoops! :

Grand Chief Membertou 400

Greg and I stopped by the Grand Chief Membertou Pow Wow yesterday on the Common. But not before we were approached by the cutest entrepreneur ever!

She was selling lemonade (both pink AND regular) to save up for TWO hamsters! It was pretty tasty lemonade and  I even got a flower from her as well. The flower seemed to have fallen out of my hair clip before I could take a photo of it. But here is Greg and Rudy with the tasty lemonade:

Okay, back to the Pow Wow. When we got there not too much was going on, but then some music started over on the stage with a bit of traditional dancing:

Then the Grand Entry started, since everyone was standing the view is not the best. But here's a photo of the flags being carried in. In addition to First Nations People dressed in traditional clothing, there were police, mounties, veterans and other people involved in the Grand Entry. There was lots of dancing, drumming and singing:

We checked out the vendors as well. They had hand made skin drums:

There was also a "Village" of Tipi's:

It's really nice that even though this event is taking over the entire Common you can walk across it, use the short cuts and not be kept out unlike the concerts and other events that go on.

They also have impressive signing up:

Sidewalk Art

Remember my Fish-Eat-Fish sidewalk art post?

Well, this is one step up and no doubt the work of a much older artist. Yesterday while walking down Lawrence Street, Greg and I stumbled across a very generous chalk-artist who drew a little something in front of everyone's house (on at least one side of the street).

This is one example:

 And another (it's a peacock!):

I'm still hoping for some type of dinosaur chalk drawing, my eyes are peeled!

Busy Week!

My apologies for neglecting my blog over the past few days. Work has been very busy as we are gearing up for camp season. I actually spent all of Thursday and Friday morning spending many a dollar buying camp materials in Bayers Lake. I can't believe I forgot my camera (BOTH DAYS!) as there were a few photo worthy situations - if you can believe that it's possible in a box-store filled business park.

So I'm going to try and recap at least one of these situations sans photo:


I'm a sucker for a Harvey's Veggie Burger. The quality has definitely gone down hill since they first came on the fat fast-food scene, but I just can't quit them.

So as part of my shopping frenzy, I took a lunch break in the Harvey's in Bayers Lake.

I want to point out a few things about Harvey's (at least this particular location) that makes the declining quality of their veggie burgers seem minor:

  1. The vast majority of employees are seniors. It's like they didn't want to fully retire and Harvey's seemed like the environment for them, which makes sense since...
  2. The music they play seems like it should come straight from a jute-box that was around in the 50's. The old timey music mixed with the Bayers Lake position makes for a strange feeling, at least for me. 
  3. At least once during my meal (on every occasion I've been there) an employee has taken a loop around the 'dining room' asking how my meal is and tidying the place up as if their grandmother was to come any second with a magnifying glass for close inspection of cleanliness.
  4. Which explains their extremely clean environment, which goes a long way compared to other fast-food joints. 
 If I had my camera I would have tried to take a photo with the incredibly cute old man who dressed my burger with care like I was his family or something. So it's probably best that I didn't have my camera, since that would seem a bit too weird.

23 June 2010

Science Experiment

What happens when you mix dry ice, water and soap in a small Erlenmeyer flask?

It's kind of like the Liquid Nitrogen Monster I posted awhile ago, but on a smaller scale:

You can hold the bubbles that come off of this and they just evaporate in your hands - neat!!

Out of the Loop

I'm not sure what the appeal is about blood being a central focus in metal/rock paraphernalia. I spotted this poster for a local store which has an odd looking website for what they are selling.

Anyway, I'm out of the loop, I just don't get it. I'm not making fun of it by any means, I'm just looking for an explanation:

22 June 2010

Too Big? Too Cool?

Whatever it is, Stars just released their fall tour dates and Halifax is sadly, not on the list.

I can't complain that much. I've seen them twice now and both times were incredible shows. But still, this new album is really good and third time's a charm right?

I'm not too sure what would be charmed here, but I certainly could use another dose of such a fine Canadian Indie Rock pose in my life.

Horrible Product of the Day

Science is not magic. It's not carried out by Wizards. You don't need a stupid hat to conduct it.

Guh, I am disappointed in this product.

Sign of the Day

Found this gem outside of Pro Skates on Blowers Street. Clever oh-so clever:

Fathers Day at the Hutchings'

We are clearly a family of nerds. My dad was super excited about the BBQ cover he received.

It was an excellent cause for a series of poses not really matching the present:

Spoiler - none of these are flattering photos

WE'RE EXCITED ABOUT THE BBQ COVER! (But Terry clearly thinks we're just nuts)

You can't go wrong with a point:

Like I said, a bunch of nerds.

21 June 2010


I spied this video from a friend on Twitter this morning:



On Friday at about 4:30 Greg and I hit the o'l open road and headed towards New Brunswick. Destination, Miramichi (a place I often have a hard time spelling). It was party central this past weekend with Greg's family members getting older, graduating school and celebrating Father's Day.

Of course, this resulted in over consumption on every front and I'm still very, very full. All in all it was an excellent trip with lots of things to take photos of.

Impromptu photo opportunity in Rogersville; trying to be as cool as M. Tomate:

lots more photos after the jump

20 June 2010

Sushi Friday

Terry and I went out for our traditional "eat sushi at Himachi House when Terry is in town" meal on Friday. It was delicious as per usual, but since it was an amazing day on Friday we ate on the deck - I love summer!

Bento Box #3

Terry, hiding his drunk eyes behind clever sunglasses and enjoying "the boat":

Terry and I posing like nerds, and a cameo by two of Halifax's finest in the background:

18 June 2010

Cute House Addition

I spied this on my way home from work, I don't know if it's new or I just haven't noticed it before:

And for a closer look:

Cute Cute Cute!

Power Line Pole Posters

Normally I am not keen to support other summer camps since I'm currently running a summer camp program. However I think I can make an exception when the camp is called Cupcake Camp!

After reading the fine print I found out that it's a fundraiser for Cancer Research, so something we should all get behind, whether it's an actual camp or not.

Thumbs up on the poster!

Another power line pole poster find was closer to my place. I've been meaning to take a picture for a little while now because I really like the design:

I'm not familiar with Little Miss Higgins music, I feel like I've seen her at a festival or maybe opening for someone else. Regardless - another thumbs up poster.

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