28 February 2011


I like headbands instead of hats, they let me wear my hair in a ponytail and the ponytail doesn't get all smooshed up. Since I had some time on my hands this weekend I started making a new headband for myself last night and I finished it today. I made it what I called a "swiss cheese headband" because I peppered it with intentional holes. 

I also like buttons, so I added buttons!

It gets smaller (tapered) in the back so it's not as bulky...but that seemed way too hard to take a good photo of. So one picture it is!

25 February 2011


Lots of Lovin'

I found Catbird from a post on Darling Dexter. Catbird has a ton of beautiful jewelery which I just like to look at.


These rings have letters on them (and come in silver as well). I'm particularly fond of the ring with the heart. They are do delicate!


I really like the rough-ness of this ring, also the circle part makes me think it would be a good fit in Captain Planet's Planeteers:


I found this awhile back and forgot to post about it. I really like the anchor in the bottom right corner of the purse. The designer has other colours of this purse but I like this blue-grey the best:


Lots of beautiful paper art, I really like the display of this picture. Very fitting background given the text:


Stormy Storm Storm


Really winter you can cut it out now and stop piling on the snow. Honest, I'm pretty sure all people who live in Fredericton would be okay with it.

But seriously, where is all of the snow going to go? The front lawn of my building is one of the largest piles of snow EVER, the spring will be soggy.

Thankfully the snow didn't start until about 1PM, that gave me plenty of time to get to the grocery store, gym AND to the Picaroon's Brewtique to fill a growler to help me ride out the storm. Given the weather I went with Dark and Stormy Night, nerdy AND tasty!


With the semester winding down I don't have too much on my plate school work wise. So I think I will hunker down tonight and waste time on the internet...or maybe sew...or knit...or read...or watch TV. The possibilities are endless!

Last week, or maybe it was earlier this week...I stumbled upon a new Kanye track (All of the Lights) and couldn't stop listening to it. There has been some controversy about the video and it was taken down from YouTube and Vevo temporarily. The controversy surrounded the potential seizure inducing flashing lights and pictures in the video and the near-nakedness of Rihanna. The video is now back on both sites with a warning to epileptics but still with a near-naked Rihanna.

While the beginning of the song is long, the hook is super catchy and the background music is beautiful. And oh yea, Kanye's raps are pretty good too. I'm not sure what the deal is with all of the names at the end of the video, I'm assuming they were involved with the 'chorus' singing or something.

One more thing - thumbs down to Kanye's bottom grill. I'm not sure why those things ever took off as being cool?

Okay, ONE more thing. I love the way Kanye says any version of Grandmother (Granny, Grandma), that might be strange but check out his song Family Business from College Dropout (0:45 and 1:42):

22 February 2011

More Birds!

On my walk home yesterday I noticed a pile of wood chips on the ground:

I looked up and saw a PILIATED WOODPECKER!!! You may remember me rambling about this in a past post.

It was chowing down on this tree, I'm sure the owners of the property were more than mad but I was quite content to stand under the tree trying to get a decent photo. It turns out it's tough to take a photo of this bird because its head moves back and forth really quickly. But I did my best:

20 February 2011

Knock Knock

This reminded me of the train platform in Harry Potter - 9¾

An apartment in Uptown Saint John

Show Shoeing

On Saturday Greg and I had planned to go cross country skiing at Rockwood Park but because Winter Fest was going on they had to take their skis out to Rothesay for the day so we rented snow shoes instead.

It was the first time I used new snow shoes, the last pair I used were old timey so it was a treat!

On the way to Rockwood, we cross the highway in this rusty
o'l pedway. Check out Greg's dance moves!

A sign I spotted on the side of the road, despite the plethora
of garbage all over the sidewalk.

We decided to cut up through the woods to the look out, there was a round about path, but we decided to go straight up the hill. It was a hilarious process but it was fun:

On top of the look out,
the glory of SJ behind me!

Greg on the look out, digging snow out of his boot

Old Man's Beard

There is a lake in the park where you can swim in much warmer weather. I took the life guard chair as a great spot for a picture, despite how tough it is to hop up into it with snow shoes!

A crazy limb growing into the trunk of another tree. I don't think I've seen this before, pretty neat though:

At the end of our hike we stumbled upon this bird land and just watched them for awhile. I went to take my camera out to try and take a photo or two when one of the birds just started flying at my head - straight on. It was pretty awesome and nostalgic of my honours project! I'm pretty sure they are black capped chickadees:

So Much Food!

Food Food Food! Clearly I'm a fan, and when it comes to visits with Greg there is always an abundance of it.

This weekend we made beer bread from a recipe I got from a friend. We used Mill Street's Tank House Ale and it was delicious, although a bit dense. We ate mulligatawny from a recipe Greg got from a coworker...I don't have it at the moment but I will hopefully remember to link it. The mulligatawny was served over rice but we ate it the next day for lunch over couscous which was better.

Beer Bread

Mulligatawny and sliced beer bread

The next day we used the rest of the beer bread to make french toast, since the bread didn't taste too strongly of beer it made for really yummy french toast:

Sunday morning breakfast, westerns and fruit - omnomnom:

Mill Rats!

Last weekend Greg and I went to our very first Mill Rats game. I must have forgotten to post it with all of the school work procrastinating I've been doing.

So here we go:

The Mill Rats played the Halifax Rainmen so we were torn on who to cheer for. It was a really awesome game with a close score throughout. The Mill Rats won in the end after some awesome dunks by the Rainmen. The tickets were relatively cheap as well, apparently season tickets are a reasonable price so it might be on the o'l wish list for next season.

In addition to an impressive dance routine from the Mill Rats Dance Team (no sarcasm here, for reals!) there was a bunch of Zumba-ers busting some moves for the half time show.

Hey Rosetta

Hey Rosetta played in Fredericton on Thursday and I was fortunate enough to be in town AND have zero commitments the next morning. Since I'm accustomed to going to bed by 10PM each night the latter was very lovely.

They played at the Boyce Farmers' Market (where I also saw The Hold Steady in the fall) and this time I had ear plugs in hand, the last show was pretty loud.

The opening bands was Gramacy Riffs, they are also from St. John's Newfoundland. They weren't too shabby, some songs were kind of cheesy, but over all they were good. They have both a female and male vocalist and the male really reminded me of James Mercer (from the Shins and Broken Bells) in a good way.

Here is a fuzzy photo of them:

And here is a fuzzy photo of Hey Rosetta:

Although I REALLY appreciate that bands play in Fredericton and the selected venue is about 15 minutes from my apartment I would REALLY appreciate it if they used risers or somehow made the entire stage about 1 foot (or more!) higher. It's pretty hard to see what's going on, especially if you are behind some of the tallest people in the world which I must have been on Thursday. But that's just one small downside I can deal with.

Hey Rosetta's new album, Seeds, is pretty awesome. It's in the same vein as their last two albums but it's different in a good way. There are currently three songs from Seeds on their myspace which I strongly suggest you listen to.

17 February 2011

Excited for Spring!

Not that I'm a winter-hater, I actually enjoy it (except those SUPER cold days) but there comes a time each year where each of us have had enough of winter.

For me that time is approaching, I'm dying to wear something other than boots to school and take less than 5 minutes to get ready to go outside.

On my way home from school the other day I heard birds singing, which I thought was unusual since the only bird I have seen these days is a seagull, crow or pigeon. So I looked around to find these birds and was surprised at what I saw - lots and lots of pretty birds! They were having a feast on the berries clinging to a winterized tree on Kings College Road.

I don't know what kind of bird these lovely little guys are, so if you know please let me know!

In the spirit of spring and making cookies as thank-you presents I used fun cookie cutters and icing to create these babies:

I got the cookie recipe from allrecipes.com you can check it out here. The icing recipe I used was also from allrecipes so you can give that a whirl here!

Amazing Little Girl

I poached this from Lady Gaga's Twitter feed. It's a video of a young girl singing Lady Gaga's new single Born This Way and she does an AMAZING job!

If you are interested in hearing what the original sounds like, well here you go!

The song came out on Friday and the above video already has over 11 million views on youtube, impressive!

Crazy Winter Things

The weekend before last Fredericton got a bunch of snow, but since then there has been even more snow falling! I can't remember living in a place where the snow just keeps on a comin', it's impressive and cold.

Here are some of the crazy things...

Dripping icicles near the Tannery downtown

More crazy huge icicles discovered on a walk around town

I call this one tidal wave snow...it's new to me:

The snow has shifted from this roof about 2-3
feet and is just hanging over the front of the house

Lots and lots of snow in O'Dell Park.
That's a bench and a garbage can!

Greg atop a pile of snow with my street's sign

11 February 2011

Student Debt - Unnecessary

Earlier this year there was a student day of action in Halifax to protest the rising cost of tuition. Nova Scotia has the highest tuition in Canada and that comes with the highest debt after graduation.

The folks at the Dalhousie Student Union put together this great video highlighting a number of students and the (growing) debt that they are facing:

I'm on the lucky end of the spectrum and my undergrad left me relatively debt free ($10,000 give or take) - Thank you Mom and Dad! I also busted my butt working a number of jobs throughout those years to make sure I was the least in debt I could be.

But now I'm back in the debt boat after working to pay it down for two years post-graduation. I'm currently working towards a degree that will allow me to get a job that is needed in every province in Canada - because everyone needs teachers, right? It's a strange situation where individuals need to pay so much to receive the education needed to be qualified to do essential jobs for our population.

The Nova Scotia government (in particular) really needs to get their priorities straight or we are all going to be broke and saying HELLO! to the welcoming arms of cheaper universities in the country.

07 February 2011


Another interesting video (actually 2!) that were brought to my attention from Open Culture.

Kirby Ferguson has put together half of a 4 part series called Everything is a Remix. The first focusing on music, mainly Led Zepplin and the second on movies, mainly Star Wars.

Both are really interesting and not surprising when he points out the obvious:

Everything is a Remix from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Everything is a Remix Part 2 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Football - Movie Style

I spied this on Open Culture, it's how the Superbowl would look if directed by a number of well known Directors: Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch, Wes Anderson, Werner Herzog and Jean-Luc Godard.

I think my favorites are by Anderson and Herzog.

06 February 2011


From one of my many guilty pleasures I stumbled across this video.
It seems even John Stewart has Beiber Fever:

04 February 2011

Shivering Songs Festival

Last Saturday Greg and I went to the first (hopefully annual) Shivering Songs Festival at Wilmot Church.

There was a song writers circle in the afternoon that David Myles hosted - Grant Lawrence, Snailhouse, Gianna Lauren, and Heat & Lights preformed. It was my first song writers circle in person, I've only ever heard them on CBC Canada Live so it was a treat in person!

The inside of the church is beautiful!

From the outside you wouldn't expect so much pretty!

Later on in the evening we went back to the church to see the Olympic Syphonium with Issac and Blewett and Catherine Mclellan. It's not a great photo but this is Olympic Syphonium with Issac and Blewett, they were so great!

The folks who put on the show are hopeful to put it on in years to come, my fingers are crossed!

02 February 2011

Relish - Not Just a Condiment

On Friday Greg and I had our first taste at Relish.

I was surprised at how small the spot was but it was certainly big enough for us. Offering a small town diner feel where customers are greeted as they walk through the door "Welcome to RELISH, Welcome!" with shouts from the employees (who seem less than stoked to be hollering, but are having a decent time I would assume).

There is more shouting when your order is up, "we relish Greg!" was announced and two piping hot skillets were on the counter waiting for us to pick them up. If you're wondering why my name wasn't also called it was because being the gentleman Greg is he paid for my meal as well.

Here I am, with the standard pre-meal pose. I really need to work on something new. What's with my thumbs up?!:

Despite the half hearted attempt at thumbs up the meal was really tasty. I got the L.A. is my Lady, topped with avocado, roasted peppers and basil. I opted for no goat cheese but I have since learned that I can eat goat cheese - AMAZING!

All in all it was an Om Nom Nom good time.

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