16 April 2011

Sea Dogs

That's the name of the Saint John hockey team. I was confident it was in reference to seals...but their mascot is an actual dog, so that leads to a bit of confusion.

Last weekend Greg and I took in a Sea Dogs playoff game. We bought tickets pretty last minute an we managed to get amazing seats - front row next to the Sea Dogs bench.

It turns out that face-offs = lots of butts

Front row seats for the game
also means front row for the zamboni!

There was even a call to 'upstairs' for a questionable goal.
A Sea Dogs blimp?
My snack - in lieu of beer I opted for the kids pack option
I also couldn't decided between salty and sweet and went with
both at the same time (it was a good decision)

The Sea Dogs are still in the playoffs so perhaps we'll be able to check out another game before the season is over.

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