08 October 2012


To unwind after a very busy couple of days Greg and I headed to Wolfville for the night. We stayed at an AMAZING Bed & Breakfast (In Wolfville Bed and Breakfast), had amazing food, picked apples, slept in and enjoyed both the rainy and sunny weather.

For dinner on Sunday night we went to Privet House and we both had amazing meals. It's a cozy little spot with a very tasty menu.

This is the B&B we stayed in, beautiful right?

Despite looking older from the outside, we learned the house is only 12 years old. There is a lot of charm inside but with a totally modern feel. The bed is king sized and was SO comfortable!

There was a fireplace in our room, but it didn't throw heat it just looked really pretty in the evening.

Wolfville is a beautiful place, particularly in the fall.

We headed down to the water and the tide was out leaving lots and lots of mud!

As you do in the Valley in the fall we went apple picking!

In addition to apple orchards this U-Pick has roosters and pigs. I might have gotten the pigs a bit too excited trying to take a picture of them - they started oinking and grunting like crazy...we left quickly.

For lunch on Monday we went to The Port in Port Williams. This was another great meal, in addition to being a restaurant they are a micro-brew. Their bar was lined with hanging hops (blurry picture on the right) and if your beer wasn't hoppy enough you could ask for some hops to add to it!

A lovely view from our table inside, on a warmed day this deck would be the perfect spot to watch the tide come in and out.

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