07 October 2012

Wedding Day!

Greg and I got married last weekend - hooray! There were lots and lots of photos taken, but I only managed to take a few - oddly there are none of Greg! To fill in such an important person I took to Facebook and borrowed a photo that Greg's Aunt Cheryl posted (thanks Cheryl!)

To rewind a little bit, we started our day at the hotel and kicked it off with breakfast:

A mid-hair shot at Life Salon and Spa, check out those waves (and mimosa!)

I am very excited to see the professional photos, but until then here are a mis-mash of lovely guests:

Dave, a thoughtful and generous friend dressed himself in a varied of plaids for the wedding. I couldn't miss this opportunity to highlight this fact and point out such a creative styling choice. Well done Dave:

My phone was borrowed for a little bit, unbeknown to me, and came back with this picture of two pretty ladies:

The best flower girl ever!

These four folks helped to decorate the hall, thank yoooooou for all of your hard work!

After the party closed down at the Boat Club we kept it going in downtown Halifax at the Foggy Goggle. Partying continued for another 2 hours and eventually we got sleepy, as Allison is appropriately demonstrating on the right:

All in all an awesome day despite a few showers earlier in the morning and early afternoon. Thanks to everyone who made our wedding day so special and unforgettable!

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