15 February 2013

Snow Weekend!

Last weekend was awesomely jam packed with snow! Greg and I cleared a bunch of snow from the driveway (adding to the large mound created by the plow) and of course had to play in it afterwards - it was great!

We also went for a snowshoe in Trenton Park, very similar to our last hike but this time it was with a big group of friends. This was lovely for the company and also for the large amount of people to take turns breaking the very, very heavy snow trail. I feel the "Calories" burned listed below is no where close to the actual amount, unfortunately the Garmin doesn't have a snowshoe function, so it just picked up walking on normal ground at a very slow pace:

A break was definitely needed, we all flopped in the snow and struggled to get up - good o'l snowshoes!

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