29 April 2013

Camping Cooking

This weekend I attended a training camp for Guide Leaders. I learned lots and lots of useful things about taking a group of kids camping. One of my favorite things was learning about all of the ways you can cook food using coals, tin foil and cans. It's impressive!

I took pictures of a few methods, but there were certainly others:

Coals + dutch oven = baked bread

Egg carton stoves - we cooked tin foil wrapped desserts over these. I had chocolate stuffed bananas!

And a coffee can stove; perfect I've been told for pancakes, eggs, bacon and in this case, quesadillas!

A turkey was also cooked using a trash can and coals and a ham was cooked in a dutch oven using coals. We baked three cakes using 'box stoves' and made a giant pot of soup using coals.

I've learned a ton!

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