18 March 2012

March Break In Pictures

March Break flew by this year, it seems like I didn't do a whole lot...but thankfully I took a few pictures to remind me of what I got up to.

I delivered an afternoon science camp at the library, on Wednesday we focused on dentistry and at the end of the day the campers reflected on their favourite part. I made molds of my teeth, drilled holes in them and filled them full of clay (plaque and cavities!) So one camper enjoyed cleaning my teeth - neat!

Making toothpaste and testing it out on
hard-boiled eggs stained with coffee

After much hype Greg and I finally got around
to ordering Pictou County pizza, it was pretty good!

Deck furniture! Our first, we mashed it in the
backseat of our little car after much fiddling.

This might have been the Atlantic Canadian version of a couple's "ikea moment", if you've been watching 30 Rock this season. We seemed to fair well.

Enjoying a cup of coffee on new deck chairs!

We had people over for a St. Patrick's Day Potluck. We had a wonderful turnout (17 people!) and everyone brought great food. And being the nerdy teacher I am I made decorations:

And put up some that I had hung in my classroom, multiuse!

St. Patrick's Day sing-a-long

Audience members watching the sing-a-long!

One of the perks to hosting a potluck is that you end up with SO much food. I couldn't resist taking a picture of our fridge. There is also an overwhelming amount of crackers - I'm SO excited!

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