01 March 2012

Visit to Halifax

Last weekend Greg and I made our way to Halifax for the weekend. We had a lovely visit with family and even ran into friends at the market, this leads me to believe that Halifax is just a small town disguised as a city.

It seems I only took photos on Saturday but here's a quick run down of our day:

1. Visit to the Halifax Seaport Market - here's a view from the deck. It was a beautiful, but cold, day:

AWESOME robot art at the market

What's a trip to the market without a stop
at the Garrison Brewery

2. We met with the folks who will be doing our wedding linens, she was LOVELY and it's great to have another thing checked off of our list.

3.  Greg and I had a great lunch with his family, I didn't take any photos but ate a bunch of yummy food and it was nice to catch up.

4. After our big o'l lunch Greg and I went for a stroll in my parents neighbourhood. We passed this little pack of ducks and they immediately started to swim towards us in anticipation for food. We didn't have any, but I was able to get a decent close up shot with my point and click:

5. Dinner at Fid Resto in Halifax with Greg's parents and my parents:

Source - Fid Website

I learned to turn my flash on but at this point I didn't...my appetizer, a smorgasbord of vegetables and a sprinkling of popcorn:

Kora and her appetizer

DELICIOUS Arctic Char on lots of vegetables

Shortbread and strawberry sorbet - yum!

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