03 March 2012

Sleigh Ride

One of the many perks of living in Pictou County is that people own horses and sleighs....this means sleigh rides!

We headed to Stellarton last night to a friend's farm, hopped in a sled and was pulled around by two GIANT horses. It was great.

Piled in the sleigh

I've learned that blankets and padded seats are key to
enjoying a sleigh ride. Warm bums = smiling faces

I don't know too much about horses, other than they don't have shoulder blades (thank you 3rd year Animal Physiology) so I was SUPER surprised when our sleigh ride was over and the horses were steaming like a pot of boiling water. They were warm horses! Here they are in the barn, I thought they must have been hosed down or something, but they are wet with their own sweat - amazing!

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