08 March 2011

Food Food Food

Which is not a surprise from my blog but it's all I seemed to take photos of this past weekend in Halifax.

On the way to Nova Scotia we stopped in Sackville NB for supper...which turned out to be a gravy pile of gravy with bread and turkey in the mix. Both Greg and I were sold on this because of the side of coleslaw...yea that's a strange reason we know:

We will not be getting this mass of food on our next trip!

On Saturday night Greg and I (mostly Greg) made chicken curry, the photo isn't as focused as I'd like but it's a much better and colourful alternative to the brown blog from the previous night:

On Sunday night my folks made the biggest steaks ever, while it was on my plate I didn't eat nearly half of it. This wasn't due to a lack of yummyness but more of a lack of giant stomach to eat it all:

Last but not least on the way back to Saint John yesterday we stopped by the Bridge St. Cafe in Sackville for a much better meal than our previous Sackville stop-over. We visited this spot a number of times during Sappyfest last summer but it was just for coffee because the place was always packed. We had one of the soups of the day: curry squash soup!

Perhaps the next time I head to Halifax my photos will be varied!

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