24 March 2011

Happy Birthday!

David Suzuki!


He turns 75 years young today and the CBC is celebrating it by having a special on his program The Nature of Things (which is 50 years young - amazing!). The show is on tonight so you know what I'll be busy doing!

You can check out the David Suzuki Foundation website and read all kinds of neat things and even send a happy birthday message his way!

Speaking of busy, that is what I have been. I started my second internship on March 14 and it seems my posts have stopped entirely with all of the busy I have been.

I have a new and hopefully reasonable goal. To have one post a week. I anticipate a weekend posting time but we'll see. Greg and I went to the Irving Nature Park (not an oxymoron) last weekend so I should really get my butt in gear and get those photos up. That will be a project for the weekend!

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