12 October 2011

Knitting for Tiny People

Learning to knit is a bit daunting. I keep seeing patterns for beautiful sweaters with intricate stitches and think...someday I'll know how to make that!

Actually finishing a knitting project and being happy with the outcome is also something that I'm struggling with. So I've been really excited to make a pair of booties (really they are slippers for babies, I'm not sure why the name is booties) and a hat for a new addition to Greg's family. It's great because since many things about babies are tiny, it makes for a speedy knitted product.

It took me a day or so, knitting here and there to make these booties:

This was my first attempt and you might notice that they are both for left feet. I learned my lesson for the next pair and the straps are going in different directions. It would have taken me SO much longer to make adult sized slippers so it was nice to realize my mistake and view it in a tiny version - it was like they became cute mistakes!

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