23 October 2011

Moving East

I've been meaning to post about this for the last few weeks, but I've been surprisingly busy with supply teaching - hooray hooray!

At the end of the week Greg and I are moving back to Nova Scotia, this time to the less bustling metropolis of New Glasgow!

Greg got a fancy new library job there and I'll be tagging along in hopes of finding more teaching work.

When we were scoping out apartments on the Thanksgiving weekend it was probably the coldest day of the month to date...so I didn't take any pictures since my hands were pretty frozen. It's a cute little town, but there doesn't seem to be many pictures to choose from on the interwebs....so this is what I found:


I have no idea where this sign actually is in New Glasgow, but I'm sure I'll find it eventually.

And if you're still thinking to yourself, I have no idea where this town is, I will provide you with a handy-dandy map:

Source - Google Maps

We move on Saturday so keep your fingers crossed for beautiful weather all across the Maritimes!!

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  1. nice!
    "ciad mile failte" is "a hundred thousand welcomes" in gaelic, if you didn't already know that! scottish gaelic, too, because in irish the first word is spelled "cead."
    i went to new glasgow the thanksgiving weekend of 2004. that's when i got my tattoo on my ribs!
    there is a swiss chalet there. and a cute pub where we ate lunch. and it was really pretty, from what i remember. hope you like it!


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