02 October 2011

Greg Turns 26

Hooray for birthdays! I love lots of things about them: family, friends, desserts, presents, decorating, singing Happy Birthday, party hats. So when it was time for Greg's birthday this year I was very excited to participate in a number of those things.

Homemade signs, they are better - right?

Happy Birthday Pumpkin Pie


Dinner at Beatty & the Beastro
*please excuse the terrible lighting choice
of my camera...I couldn't get it right in there!

Beatty & the Beastro decor
(it's like you're eating in someone's house)

Since Greg's favorite dessert is pumpkin pie I tried my hand at making it from scratch. Last weekend you might remember Greg and I went apple picking and stopped by a place to buy pie pumpkins...here is my baking adventure!

I used this pumpkin recipe but my own crust recipe. I used this recipe to find out how to cook the pumpkin to get the yummy, yummy filling.

Sliced in two

After 45 minutes in the oven

Just before they head into the oven

Out of the oven, they really darkened up

Since Greg is well liked in Saint John the woman who runs the market we visit many many times a  week gave him birthday cupcakes from the bakery (also in the market). There were two, so she kind of likes me a bit too. They were very tasty!!

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