24 December 2011

Christmas in New Glasgow

Since Greg and I have only been living with each other since August this is our first year we could have a tree together. We didn't want anything too giant, as you can see, we went with something more of our own height.

To get it in our car the guy at the tree lot used this plastic wrap to squish it together:

Greg was cutting the plastic off and was expecting more of a Griswald Christmas tree outcome, thankfully that wasn't the case and no windows broke:

Decorated tree

LEDs, they are growing on me

We don't own much Christmas stuff so I decided to make a few things, garland:

And a Merry Christmas sign:

The thoughtful cards we've received from our lovely friends and family! Also, the GIANT stocking Greg made for me a few years ago:

Since Greg and I are spending Christmas in two different provinces we decided to have our own Christmas earlier this week.  I made Greg an apron, he can finally stop using his clothes as a towel:

Greg gave me two skeins of yarn and a lot of tea, I was also wearing antlers:

So far, we only have one Christmas tradition: watching the Muppet Christmas Carol and drinking, this year we added Greg makes Ali a meal. So I was treated to one of my favourite meals - hooray!

I hope your pre-Christmas celebrations have been as fun as mine have been!

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