12 December 2011

I Hit Jackpot!

The Frenchy's in New Glasgow is amazing! Or at least my visit this week was amazing!

I picked up 2 long-sleeves, 2 sweaters and 3 dresses for $30. Now the dresses all needed some love in the sewing/hemming department (an easy fix) but otherwise all of the pieces were in tip-top shape.

Here is my haul:

#1 - Navy Dress - Perfect for work and it fits like a glove. It just needed some hem love as you can see.

#2 - Grey linen-esque dress- I LOVE the material on this dress, I was actually contemplating making it into a shirt rather than a dress but after thinking about it and trying it with a belt I went with dress. I cut and hemmed the length to just above my knees.

#3 - Merino Wool button up dress - At first I thought this was just a thick knit, but upon inspection of the tag I learned it was merino wool (this will not be a spring/summer piece!) I hemmed this to just above my knees as well, and now I need to do something about these super bright, shiny silver buttons. I will be on the hunt for alternative and would love feedback if you have some.

Mid-process: making the new hem

#4 - Shrug of sorts - such a soft sweater, from Abercrombie & Finch - I prefer my $3.75 price tag

I tried to take a picture of me wearing it, this is the best I could come up with since Greg wasn't home. Check out my stylish sewing get-up. I love sweatpants!

#5 Almost an Old Man sweater - it fits like a cozy old man sweater but it has the most lovely knitted pattern. I couldn't say no

#6 Striped long sleeve - I wasn't sure if I was going to turn this into a sleeveless or not, but after trying it on again when I got home I think I'll keep it as a long sleeve. The material is pretty thick so I think as a sleeveless it seems kind of silly. I really like how high the neck.

#7 Very soft grey long sleeve - This is actually from Banana Republic and it's going to stay as a long sleeve as well. It's very soft!

I've hemmed all of the dresses but I'll post pictures soon. Perhaps I'll get my model on? Perhaps not.

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