08 December 2011

DIY Projects

While looking for Christmas present inspiration (and just looking because I love crafting!) I've stumbled across a number of DIY projects, either with tutorials or those you can take and figure out on your own.

Now they are not all Christmas-y but they are fun!

#1 - Gathered Clutch (tutorial!) This can be made as a simple clutch or more complicated with additional inside pockets. I love the fabric in the examples!


#2 - Pinwheel Skirt (tutorial!) This is much more of a summer piece, but I absolutely love it! If you click the Source in the caption you can check out a number of other skirt tutorials.


#3 - Pencil Case/Cosmetic Bag. This isn't a tutorial but a piece that was for sale on Etsy. I love the big stitching between the pieces of fabric.


#4 Christmas Tree Skirt (tutorial!) - This is something I will be making this season, Greg and I are without a tree skirt (this year will be our first to share a tree) so I will be using whatever scraps I have in my fabric bin to create something that resembles a tree skirt.


You can find a number of other crafting ideas on my Pinterest account. Happy Crafting!

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