18 June 2012

A Delightful Saturday

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This is the first weekend in awhile that Greg and I were home in New Glasgow. Somehow we managed to get a lot accomplished while relaxing quite a bit.

First up,  our first visit to the New Glasgow Farmers Market!

There was an open house at the Carmichael Museum that we checked out. The museum is a house jam packed with historical items from New Glasgow. There was also punch served and many, many treats. It was delightful. Oh and there was a penny farthing outside! That's a bicycle with one big wheel and one teeny tiny wheel - good trivia knowledge. You're welcome.

There is a garden behind the museum, many flowers aren't quite out in full bloom yet, but this one was just lovely!

Later on Saturday Greg unpacked a bin of childhood treasures, we had a good laugh over some items, such as these royal seals!

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