05 June 2012

Summer Wedding #1

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Greg and I headed to Halifax this past weekend for a wedding on Friday and a show on Saturday night at the Seahorse. We made it to the wedding, but due to the extreme awesomeness of the wedding we slept much of Saturday and didn't make it to the show. Womp womp. When did this type of behaviour become acceptable?

I wasn't as snap happy as I typically am this past weekend, but here are a few from the wedding:

Myself and Ashley, the beautiful bride!

It's a bit fuzzy, but what the heck!

We met up with friends for lunch on Saturday and went to the Smokehouse on Argyle for meat, meat and more meat. I had a pulled pork sandwich that came with lots of pork, some veggies and french fries on the burger...I drew the line at the french fries.

After sleeping for about 3 hours on Saturday afternoon we pulled ourselves together enough to go out to eat, we went to Curry Village and it was AMAZING! Sadly, this amount of physical exertion resulted in a huge wave of sleepiness. After walking around a bit we decided to bail on the show and went to bed. Again, when did this change in my life happen again?

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