20 June 2012

Johnny Miles Run

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This past weekend Greg and I participated in the Johnny Miles Marathon...but the 10km portion of the event. We had beautiful weather and it was great to take part in a run that we could walk to from our house!

An important part of any run, ensuring your bladder is empty. A pit stop at the port-a-potties. There were lots and lots of people milling about and the run was actually sold out with just over 2000 runners/walkers.

Greg and I before the run, I definitely wasn't wearing the long sleeve while running, it was a super hot morning!

I came in at 57:58, my personal best. Greg ran along with me and I'm sure if he was really trying to compete his time would be much better, but being the lovely guy he is he ran with me and helped bring my time down.

This is post run with another couple of medals to add to the pile. It's excellent to receive medals just for participating!

After we finished we joined in the crowd to cheer on the incoming runners.

We were both really keen to watch the marathon runners come in, particularly because we could AND because a runner was trying to win his 9th marathon. He's a local so the crowd was really loud when he came around the corner and down the finish line. It was a pretty big deal.

After putting in a good run and hanging out in the community all before noon we headed home for a hearty brunch. Monster breakfast sandwiches with egg, tomato, lettuce, cheese (lactose free!), bacon and avocado. Delicious! Oh and we got juice boxes from the run so we had those too:

Since the Euro Cup is on and we don't have cable we headed to one of the two sports bars in New Glasgow to watch the Netherlands and Portugal game. The place was pretty empty as most people were on the deck, it seems that soccer doesn't draw a crowd in this town.

Greg taking in the match:

Overall a great run and a great Sunday. Perhaps I'll try to get a new personal best next year.

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