17 June 2012

A Walk in Trenton Park

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This past Thursday I went for a lovely walk with friends in Trenton Park. One friend is from Germany and her brother was visiting so we were on the hunt for a beaver, there's a dam in Trenton Park and being that beavers are particularly Canadian it seemed fitting.

I've only seen a beaver at a reasonably close distance once before, but it wasn't a very good view. We were REALLY lucky on Thursday and one was gliding around the little pond in the park and wasn't very shy of people. At one point the beaver was coming towards us in the water, there were a pack of geese (2 adults and 6 teenager geese), ducks swimming towards us and either a hawk or an eagle overhead - it was a pretty surreal Canadian moment.

Despite warning that geese DO chase people this lovely friend (not from Canada) decided to test my warnings. The goose chased him, hissing with its beak open, it was great.

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