29 June 2012

Last Week of School

Exciting and sad times this past week at school. With the end of this school year brings the end of the Adult High School in the CCRSB. So graduation this past Wednesday was rather bittersweet.

The graduation was lovely, I was one super proud teacher and particularly excited about wearing my STU hood again. I'm a nerd, yes I know.

To celebrate the end of my first semester teaching Greg took me out to eat at a great little spot in downtown New Glasgow called The Bistro:

This was the amazing dish I ordered: linguine with smoked salmon, avocado, prosciutto and dill!

Graduation took place in Truro at this lovely old church:

Tables set up with the many awards for students, and check out those pipes!:

A little squinty, but check out that sweet STU Education hood, really I think it might have laid the nicest out of all of the hoods - way to go STU!

Our school team, small but mighty...and fuzzy, whoopsie!

Because grading day is a fun day I decided to make a bunch of bite sized treats for the students and the staff (they went over pretty well). Up first, mini pumpkin muffins:

Up next, mini cinnamon buns, I omitted the chocolate from the receipt. Oh and this mini muffin tray was great:

The finished product:

And the third treat was Scottish Oat Cakes, the recipe came from my notebook but I'm not sure where it came from initially:

I just came home from the last day and I must say it was a pretty emotional experience. Overall an awesome first teaching gig and I hope the first of many to come.

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