23 August 2012

Miramichi Adventure Part 1

After super rainy weekend in Maine we headed to Miramichi. The plan was to camp and hike Mt. Carleton, but since our gear was soggy and smelly we decided to stay with Greg's parents a few nights early.

Pretty much daily there were epic clouds with accompanying thundershowers.  You can kind of make out some of these clouds below, we took a walk on the boardwalk in New Castle:

Before we actually got to Miramichi, we stopped at a suspension bridge along the way. It gave us a pretty view of the Miramichi River:

Greg's Aunt and Uncle have an AMAZING garden, something to aspire to and we were invited to take some yummy goodies with us. They have since been put to good use (thanks Clara and Keith!)

Rather than hike Mt. Carleton we went to Kochibouguac National Park for the day. The plan was to go for a hike, but our plan turned into hiking AND kayaking - yippee!

A view from a look out, the water was super still and we saw a lot of birds from here (eagle, cormorants, ducks) :

This is the path to the look off, beavers had clearly made their mark:



Now, perhaps it's because I don't speak French. But the location of "Petit Large" just cracked me up:

In addition to the hike up river we checked out "The Bog", which is a pretty cool ecological site. There is this tower where you can get a great view of the landscape.

This bog spreads out from the centre by changing the level of acidity in the soil. Only certain plants/trees can live in such an environment so it forces the landscape to change from a forest to a much more sparse and desolate looking spot:

Finally we went to the beach, not for a swim but just to check it out. There was this clever sign instructing those who might have "accidentally" taken shells from the beach to return them to a bin just below the sign. Well done Parks Canada!

We also saw a Piping Plover hanging out below the boardwalk. While kayaking we actually saw an adult plover and its three fledglings - very neat!

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