20 August 2012

Mt. Katahdin

We did our best to climb Mt. Katahdin weekend before last, it rained and rained and rained some more. We were able to climb to about 3000 ft to Chimney Ponds, but the ranger at that point didn't recommend we go further. To be fair it was 12 degrees, pouring rain and our finger nails and lips were blue.

Also, my small camera broke because of all of the rain so my pictures of this trip are lacking.

We did have a good time at the campground, it didn't rain all of the time and we managed to have a fire both nights. There was even a lodge at the campground complete with hot tub and bar, yippee!

Here are a few photos from our adventure-vacation!

After setting our tents up in the rain and getting soaked (from the rain) after a paddle in the pond we decided to warm up and dry out  by having dinner at this swanky place. They actually put us upstairs rather than downstairs with the regular people....we were rather dirty so we thought they didn't want to put us in view of their regular customers:

There were lots and lots of clouds all weekend but in this instance they were pretty over the lake:

Saturday morning we got up dark and early to head to Katahdin for 7AM. Like I said it rained, it started about 5 minutes in to our hike and got progressively worse as we climbed up and up. Thankfully we Josh was able to start a fire to try and dry out our soggy clothes. Unfortunately it rained again over night and most things got wet again - womp womp!

Sunday Beth and Josh braved the pond to have another paddle, it was pretty foggy:

On our way back to Canada we stopped in Houlton at a Pizza Hut which was stuck in the 80's. Beth made a delightfully eclectic salad with pretty much everything from the salad bar in it:

Greg and I will eventually get back to Katahdin to climb it and hopefully the weather will be more cooperative!

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