01 August 2012

MS Bike Tour, Video Style!

I volunteered to film Beth's (amazing!!) speech at the banquet on Saturday night, and that led me to think that I should video tape more of our shenanigans.

So not only do you have the chance to watch Beth's (amazing!!) speech you can check out the video and photo montage of the Neon Riders' version of the 2012 MS Bike Tour:

You can also watch Beth's (amazing!!) speech here:

In two days we biked about 2000km with a team of 18 (2 of which were our pit crew/photographer, a wonderful treat!) The Neon Riders raised over $12,400 towards MS research and had an awesome time!

For more information about the MS Society of Canada, click here.

And for more blogging fun about the Neon Riders, check out fellow Neon Rider Josh Graham's blog:  MS be Shaven

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