26 August 2012

Miramichi Adventure Part 2

One of the reasons we were in Miramichi to begin with was to attend a wedding. The wedding was for our friends Nick and Becky, I went to school with Becky at STU and Greg grew up down the street from Nick. It's a small Miramichi-filled world!

The wedding was lovely, the one of the funniest Father's married the couple and the reception was super fun complete with live band and lots of dancing. Becky even took the stage and sang a tune or two, I learned she is a very good singer!

I took a few photos in the chapel but they were much, much too fuzzy. So here are a mish-mash of fun times from the reception, I haven't seen these ladies and gentlemen since our BEd. graduation last July:

Lynnette and I cleaned up the table in the last picture, by cramming everything into a glass...that's the best way to do it - right?

As per a Miramichi tradition, we headed to Ben's (a burger joint just down the street from the reception) and had our share of burger and fries:

Even the newly married couple decided to join us at Ben's, I love the picture in the middle. They definitely class up the place. Congratulations Becky and Nick, thank you for including us in such a special day!

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