01 August 2012

More MS Bike Tour Goodness

While my last post had a more general audience vibe to it, this post has more to do with what I normally blog about - random things!

Here are a few nerdy couply photos of Greg and I, one in our biking gear and the other in our neon formal attire (for the evening banquet):

Way, way back in the summer in 2006 I did research in the Gaspereau Valley on tree swallows for my honors project with my good pal Allison. As part of the bike tour we actually biked by all four of the field sites so I couldn't help but stop and take a picture with one of the bird boxes:

An interesting fire hydrant and a lovely old church in downtown Wolfville:

They had an awesome bathroom sign at the exhibition centre, I like how men's is underlined. Once we got to Sackville (where we stayed for the night) we relaxed on the deck, drank lots of coffee and took in the rain shower under the canopy. It was pretty delightful, here is Greg taking in my pictures from the weekend:

A much deserved beer on Sunday when we got back to Sackville. We stocked up on new beer at Premier Wine and Spirits off Spring Garden St. This was a very tasty choice:

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