25 November 2012

Halifax Visit

Last weekend Greg and I visited Halifax for some family fun and to go to the Mother Mother show. It was a lovely coincidence that our friends were throwing a Movember chili lunch fundraiser at their house. So not only did we get to see some pals we had a great meal and supported  a worthy cause:

I also spotted some interesting signs on our visit, I have no explanation for the sign on the right but as for the one on the left it was in front of the North Face store on Barrington Street as Petraeus was supposed to be in town for the weekend - well placed, it got us to stop:

Last but not least, treats of Halifax! Since I seem to have a gluten sensitivity I can't drink beer anymore. While this is very sad at least I can enjoy something that Propeller produces, rootbeer! And on the left is a snap from the Mother Mother show - they AND their lights were very, very entertaining and impressive.

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