13 November 2012

November Hike

Taking advantage of such warm November temperatures Greg and I headed out for lunch and a hike with a group of friends.

We went to Antigonish for lunch at Sense of Japan, it's nice to know there is a good sushi not too far from home:

We piled in cars and headed to Beaver Mountain, just outside of Antigonish, and attempted to hike a virtually unmarked trail - thankfully I took a picture of the map before our walk but unfortunately it didn't help a whole lot and we got a wee bit lost. We DID make it out before dark though, success!:

This was an interesting sight - a larger tree fell directly onto a smaller tree and snapped it over, thankfully the bank to the left of this picture was also helping to keep both trees from falling into the path:

Two interesting structures, the top picture was a super creepy find, it was burnt out inside and had a lot of furniture left. The bottom reminded me of something from a zombie movie, it was locked:

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