29 November 2012

Small Town Living

Last month I had a package delivered by FedEx. It was quite the process as they tried to deliver it twice but we were at work both times and after the second time I was left with a phone number to call only to find out the package was now in Truro (45 minutes away) and they wouldn't be able to deliver it again - this was sorted out after a frustrating phone call and eventually the package was delivered to Greg at work.

Today there was another experience with the same FedEx delivery person, and again no one was home. This time something awesome happened and I can only believe it's a result of living in a small place and having a very thoughtful delivery person.

A note was left, normally it says something about a phone number to call or location to pick up the package that couldn't be delivered. This note was much, much better:

Greg did receive the delivery - at the library.

This was too good not to share. I hope you can enjoy it as much as we did.

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