04 November 2012

Happy Halloween!

I am happy to report that we had a total of 22 trick or treaters on Halloween, that's up from 5 last year despite the less than ideal weather on Wednesday!

Since Halloween also just happens to be on my birthday Greg made me a yummy supper (with a sushi appetizer!) and gave me mittens made from local wool:

He also gave me a camera, it was put to use taking the pictures here.

I was a bit of an overachiever (or at least tried to be) when it came to carving my pumpkin and I might have gotten in over my head. I was going for a haunted house but this is what happened:

So I carved another (little pumpkin) by putting a bunch of holes in it. I couldn't screw that up too much!  Greg carved a wolf howling at the moon, very appropriate for his costume, but it seems I didn't take a picture of it - whoopsie!

To continue celebrating we went to trivia at a pub in Pictou and met up with friends who I somehow convinced to wear their costumes - note: no one else in the place was wearing a costume. Not that I needed a reminder, but I have awesome friends:

It is pretty nice when you can get a couple of wears out of a Halloween costume (that you like)!!

As for trivia, we placed second (with 3 other teams) by 3 points, not too shabby!

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