26 November 2012

I Made a Dress!

In the past I've tried my hand at sewing my own clothing - the outcomes have been less than I'd hope for. First I made a t-shirt, this shirt is reserved for messy tasks and playing frisbee. The second project was a skirt, this turned out better but I only wear it around the house.

So I really upped the ante when I set my sights on making a dress.

I got the idea from these two pieces of clothing:


I like the idea of the first dress but wasn't so keen on the GIANT cowl and preferred a hood. I really like the hood from the second picture so I tried to mash them together. I started by looking up how to make a sleeve pattern, made one (right), then realized that I have a book with patterns! Making the sleeve pattern was fun though, it's satisfying to use math practically.

The book! I picked this up for under $10 at Coles last year and only used it once to make my 't-shirt':

I used the hood from a hoodie I like to make a pattern and just measured the length and width for the front pocket.

So my first dress is much more successful than my first t-shirt or skirt - hooray!

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