25 July 2010

Halifax Pride Parade - Photo Journal

Fantastic weather and a lot of colour makes for both a happy pride and a happy Saturday! Here are some highlights!

I'm not too sure how many peacocks this took, but I was mega-impressed!

HOLY MOLY!! Best advertisement ever, well done Susie Shortcakes!

Megan Leslie, Halifax's MP representing - she's wearing the red skirt!

Another great costume, I mean at this point the parade is just a big opportunity for advertising. But it's also about showing your support, right? I like these folks showing support with an excellent hairy dog suit. Hooray!

Creepy and neat at the same time:

This took some dedication, lots and lots of balloons:

AMAZING! Check out those heels, and that hair!!!

Elephant, why not!?

I wish I zoomed but there was no time. Please excuse the lack of photographic excellence, the subject clearly makes up for it:

This guy ISN'T wearing a t-shirt:

After the parade, taking the opportunity to walk down the middle of Spring Garden:

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