25 July 2010

14 Year Old CD Collection (At Least)

Again, in preparation for moving soon I decided to reduce the size of my CD collection. I don't even really listen to CD's anymore, it's iTunes, the radio or Grooveshark for me. But it just doesn't make sense to toss CDs so I've just tossed their cases.

While sorting CD's into the MONSER CD wallet I picked up I noticed just how random and dated my collection is. There was no particular order that I put my CD's into the big case so it made for some pretty lame funny combinations:

Avril Lavigne, Rage Against the Machine, Silverchair, Green Day:

Holly MacNarland, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Bush, The Deftones (I don't even remember liking this band?):

There were many more embarassing combinations but I will leave it at that.

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