06 July 2010

Canada Day - Photo Journal

On the way downtown, I spied this very much divided house - I think the colours go well together:

Much, much more after the jump:

Not very flattering but hilarious photo of me and this poor chump in a chicken suit - it must have been so hot in that suit!

Powerline Pole Find: it seems like you can rent this adorable cottage for $7/week - sounds like a deal to me:


Blowers & Barrington:

A view of the harbour, complete with buoy:

Another buoy, this time less faded:


One of the many dolphins scattered around the water front, I do miss the day of the lobster statue, but this dolphin is very pretty:

What's a stroll to the harbour without a photo of Theodore:

Flags on the ferry to Dartmouth for Canada day free concerts:

Local artists and their work along the Alderney Landing waterfront:

A view of Halifax from Darmouth, complete with nautical objects:

David Myles played, it was great:

It was also great when I met him (I was CLEARLY  under dressed!!):

A building just outside of Alderney, boasting a mostly beautiful weather filled day:

More sunny evidence:

The Deep Dark Woods, writers/preformers of one of my favourite songs from the Great Canadian Song Quest:


Mr. Joel Plaskett took to the stage:

And of course, FIREWORKS! Which, I don't really remember being very long. Way to be frugal Halifax, well done (for reals):

All in all a great Canada Day - even with the addition of one extra ferry ride to and from Darmouth and a fast walk uphill/slow run downhill from my apartment. It was well worth it to make sure I had my ID for proper beer tent consumption.


The best non-photo of the day was this man who had cleverly made his own shirt. It read "Canada A". I'm assuming he meant something along the lines of "Canada, Eh" but I did admire his use of puffy paints and general gusto for the day - well done sir!

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