08 July 2010

Musical Summer

While the last few weeks have been pretty great (Danny Michel and then the Canada Day mish-mash) the next couple more have a lot in store.

Tomorrow evening I'll be taking in the musical greatness that is De La Soul. I saw them years ago (in 2006) at the very last Shoreline Festival. It was an AMAZING show and I'm interested how they are going to play in the main tent at the Halifax Jazz Festival. Photos will be taken and shared - don't you worry.

Later this month we'll be taking in a Hey Rosetta show at the Paragon. I've been to two of their shows (that I can remember), one in Ottawa and an outside gig on Halifax's Garrison Grounds. Both were an impressive and energetic set. I'm sure this upcoming show will not dissapoint.

And then thirdly, there is Sappyfest on the long weekend in August. I've only heard of this festival and this will be my first visit. The line up is a diverse and notable selection from here and there. I'm excited to see Old Man Ludecke, Kate Maki, Hollerado and Al Tuck. I imagine a photo journal to follow those three days of musical wonder and amazement.

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