08 July 2010

Fantastic T-Shirt

I have a soft spot for nerdy things given the fact that I am a nerd (makes sense right?). So I'm particularly drawn to many of the t-shirts that Threadless prints.

All the designs are submitted and then voted on in order for them to actually become a t-shirt. It's a pretty smart process - if you would buy the shirt then you vote and I'm pretty sure they don't make big runs so they don't have a monstrous overstock.

It's been a few years since I purchased a Threadless shirt, but I get their newsletters quite often and love taking a peek at what's new.

A few newsletters back this graced my inbox and I fell in love:

It's chalk full of pop culture references and I really like that it goes from z to a rather than the other way around. Well done threadless.

If you would like to pick up this fine piece of work click here and you might be able to before they are all gone.

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