20 November 2010

Way Back When

I went to Halifax, it was actually two weeks ago. But I've been a bad blogger so it's been longer in blog-time.

The weekend was spent mostly with my parents in a post-celebration of my birthday. This year was the first that I didn't see my mom on my actual birthday - big deal! It turns out the weekend before we end classes is very busy for a BEd student and Fredericton is just a wee bit too far away from Lower Sackville to make in a day-long road trip.

So hanging out with both of my parents for a weekend kind of made up for it.

I didn't take many photos which is strange but my mom and I did go to the Wooden Monkey on the Saturday afternoon for a late lunch. I miss that place:

My reaction to my mom's request: just act normal for a picture!!

Om Nom Nom! Lentil Burger!

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