02 November 2010

Internet Clicking

After finishing all of my assignments for the term with several hours to spare (I don't know how that happened) I browsed the interwebs, GUILT FREE!

One of my favorite places to take a brain break is CraftGawker. There are so many wonderful works of art, craft and photography.

Yesterday I stumbled across a new site and I'm in lurve!

It's called Darling Dexter, by a very creative woman. So far I've scoped out:
  • cute clothing (some of which are handmade)
  • beautiful photos of life in general
  • links to similar blogs/sites for further browsing

 A sister site called Oh, Darling, run with her husband, who she called the hub:
  • both are wonderful photographers
  • they focus a lot on weddings
  • but there are other categories: lifestyle, music

I'm particularly taken with the simple layout and clean lines of both blogs.

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