20 November 2010

Loud, Loud Shows

STU won a free Metric and Ok Go concert this past month. You had to vote online for your school and it seems despite it's population STU has a lot of people who vote in things! So we won for the Atlantic Region.

Because I voted I got tickets, and even thought it was on a school night I sucked it up and was a social human being - GASP!

Either I've gotten old and whiny or it was the loudest show of my life - my ears are actually still ringing!

This was the third time that I can remember that I've been to a Metric show and once again, it was a great. Even though I only know the Ok Go songs that have amazing videos they had a bunch of catchy tunes - that's right, I said tunes.

The opener was Keys N Krates. They reminded me of Girl Talk with DJ Lobsterdust, but they had a live drummer which was impressive. The did end on a sour note for me though, with a horrible punk-rendition of a Jay-Z song - it was awful.

But a free show is a free show, so I shouldn't be complaining - tisk tisk.

Keys N Krates
Ok Go playing these AMAZING bells
Ok Go Case
I stood back to appreciate Metric's stage presence

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