20 November 2010

Greg's New Digs

A painting project to turn Greg's lovely apartment into a more current spot. We started on the living room on this visit then it's the kitchen.

The first idea was to paint the room green...but that turned out to be a poor choice, you can see our adventures below...

A view from the door

The out of commission fireplace and amazing bookshelves

New to Greg couch and paint supplies

The first colour we tried...it looked less than stellar in real life

So it was back to Kent in search of a new colour, much better!

On the way to looking spiffy

11 foot ceilings, require two stages of painting

The fireplace wall with one coat of paint

So much sunnier!

We did a final coat but I forgot to take a photo, so the final project isn't quite as streaky.

Next project the kitchen!

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